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Are you thinking about joining Support Adventure as a client or a new employee, but are unsure if we would be the right fit for each other? Whichever category you fall under, you’ll find something valuable in this article.

As a fully remote-operated MSP outsourcing company run by expats, our emphasis here at Support Adventure is on successfully managing people and their expectations.

That’s why Support Adventure reviews are our valuable resource that guides us in the right direction, hence we’ve summed them up in this article. Being aware of our pros and cons and listening to our client and staff reviews is a practice we fully embrace and often advise others to do. This enables us to provide better jobs, a better service and grow each year!

Read on to learn how we do it and what our staff and clients have to say about us! 

Support Adventure Jobs Reviews

We provide our clients with staff for the roles of IT helpdesk engineer or service desk coordinator.

Both positions are crucial in the IT service industry, and we take very seriously our responsibility of finding and creating the best staff. That’s why we have a testing and training program as part of the journey to becoming a member of Support Adventure.

Both roles have different obligations and required skill sets, as well as separate challenges. Here are some of those differences: 

IT Service Desk TechnicianService Desk Coordinator
Solving technical issues, writing ticketsIntake of tickets, coordinating service
Incorporating system procedures in their workMaking sure procedures are followed
Skills: Detail-oriented, creative personSkills: Detail-oriented, methodical person

We have found that our employees in these roles have had a highly positive experience because these jobs are just challenging enough to sharpen up the employees, but not overly-stressful to drive them crazy. There’s also space during the day for down-time and relaxation. We often advise the tech companies we provide staff for to have a creative and distraction-free environment.

The testing and training program works as an assessment and improvement tool that educates our candidates on vital values needed for their roles. The benefit in this case is mutual. We get to find and train candidates that are ready to be the stars of any IT environment they occupy. As for the candidate, they get to polish up on:

  • Communication skills, both internal and external
  • Executing technical tasks and keeping documentation the right way
  • Creative solutions for issues that require an intelligent approach

Read on to see reviews from both employees and candidates.

Support Adventure job reviews, experience

Right to left: Nina, Radosh, Nick (manager) and Eric (founder)

Working with Support Adventure – Pros and Cons

As a company with over 100 staff members, it’s important for us to never lose focus on the quality of the work environment we provide, both internal and external. 

Reviews, comments and feedback are the most helpful resources we have for gauging what we are doing right and where there is space to improve.

For example, this is why our reviews on Glassdoor serve as a helpful guideline. 

Let’s take a look at both the pros and the somewhat cons of working with Support Adventure.


Jobs are fully remote positions, meaning you can work from ANYWHERE in the world! From applying as a candidate and going through interviews, to actually starting to work with us, it’s all done remotely.

Another perk is relocating to a destination you find most attractive, which our positions make possible.

You also get to work with an international team that is open-minded. We’ve had employees turn down higher paying jobs that do not provide this type of organized, supportive environment.

We encourage you to acquire new skills and learn new technologies as you start your journey with Support Adventure. The IT world is ever-changing, so there is always something new to be learned. There’s also room for advancement in multiple fields. 

We have long term and stable work engagement. Many of our employees have been with us for years. They’ve built trust with clients and customers and were given opportunities to advance within six months to a year. To be able to do this, we dedicate a lot of time, attention and resources to finding, training and keeping the right staff and clients. 

Support Adventure remote work review

Eric’s work set up: VOIP and laptop in Montenegro

We wouldn’t be able to sustain long-term, successful engagements if not for the right people and willingness from both sides to work toward a solution-oriented goal. 

This is not a straigh-forward task. It requires following the right values, being determined and uncompromisable in the search for the best opportunities.

In effect, that brings us to the “con” of Support Aventure.


If you’ve read our glassdoor reviews, you would’ve encountered posts from people dissatisfied with their experience with Support Adventure. All of them regard not being accepted for a position they applied for. 

Some referred to the company as being “hard to get into.” We could definitely say that we are notorious for dedicating ourselves to finding only the best staff and hiring less than 0.3% of applicants. But we also go out of our way to provide tips and suggestions for successfully applying, such as the following:

  1. We offer directions for the video interview.
  2. We hint to use search engines like Google and Bing to help you find answers to technical questions.
  3. We provide a webinar for candidates who did not pass our test. It gives information on how they can improve.

We hope to see candidates improve their communication, technical and organizational skills so they can follow their dreams and join us on our adventure.

What do the people working with us have to say about their experience?

Support Adventure remote office

Remote office: Support Adventure staff in an outdoor office in Sumadija, Central Serbia

Support Adventure Staff Reviews

Check out quotes from our staff below, and also take a look at our video testimonials

“I love working for Support Adventure because of the flexibility. When I was back in the UK, I had a job and had to commute every day. Colombia [where I live now] is such a beautiful place. The scenery is so different. Support Adventure puts really good systems to work remotely.” – John.

“I enjoy working from home because it offers solitude, and time to concentrate. The best thing about working with Support Adventure is feeling like you’re not part of a company, but part of a little family.” -Zoran

“I was born in Serbia, then moved to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Peru. Working with Support Adventure is great, because it’s very flexible, which is what I need being a single mom.” – Nina

“I love working with Support Adventure because I really love their core values.. All of those things allow me to live a lifestyle I love of work and travel. I get to live in my favourite part of the world, live and travel in Europe, all while holding a stable job!” – Nwando

Support Adventure Client Reviews

Click here to hear what our client has to say about us! 

“We tried the shared-help desk model and it worked for us for a while. But if you need dedicated staff–a team that will work with your clients the way you want them to work with your clients, and you have a unique software stack or unique set of requirements  for your clients, then you need a dedicated team. 

You need people who will be there to work with your clients the way that you would. That’s what you’re going to find when working with Support Adventure staff. They provide that level of expertise for  a fraction of the cost.” – Ernest Murray, Genuine Technology group.

Support Adventure the expat outsourcing company

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