If you’re looking for your next digital nomad base, don’t miss out on this amazing new deal from Seychelles! The archipelago paradise off the coast of east Africa had been closed throughout the pandemic due to a high number Covid cases. But it became more open after things calmed down in 2022, and there are no longer Covid test requirements for fully vaccinated visitors. Moreover, the country is looking to attract more remote workers with a unique offer called the “Workcation Program.” Seychelles has been ranked in the top 30 countries for ease of remote working, so you might want to give this program a try.

To apply for the digital nomad visa in Seychelles, it is required to have proof of a sufficient income, a valid passport, as well as health and travel insurance. For entry under the Public Health Authority guidelines, you’ll also need a certificate for a yellow fever vaccination, Covid vaccination (or a negative PCR test) and a return plane ticket. There are additional requirements for applicants who are employed and those who are self-employed (they own a business or company). The new Workcation Program in Seychelles costs a one-time fee of $46.00 (45.00 €), which includes a Visitor Workcation Permit and a Health Travel Authorization, which is extended to immediate family. 

Who can apply for the Seychelles Workcation Program?

The Seychelles Workcation Program is specifically designed for digital nomads–meaning freelancers, remote employees or anyone who is self-employed.

One must prove they fit into those working statuses with required documents such as proof of employment, client history documentation or ownership of a company in order to receive the Workcation Program Visa in Seychelles.

Applicants who abide by the Public Health Authority guidelines can receive a Workcation visa.

Requirements for the Seychelles Workcation Visa and entry

The Workcation Program allows visitors to stay in Seychelles and enjoy its wonders for a period of one month to a year! However, the requirements and steps for getting the digital nomad visa in Seychelles can seem confusing. To simplify them and make sure the process for applying is a successful one, we’ll separate the requirements into two parts. 

The first part describes the initial requirements for getting the Visitors Workcation Permit (VWP), and the second step is acquiring a Health Travel Authorization. 

Completing these two steps will grant you the Seychelles Workcation visa and all its benefits.

  1. Requirements for Seychelles’ Workcation Permit

For both employed and self-employed individuals, the initial requirements are as follow:

  • A valid passport from a country permitted to visit Seychelles.
  • Documents to prove business ownership or employment.
  • Proof of having a stable source of income or sufficient savings.
  • Valid travel and health insurance.
  • Arriving from a country approved by the Travel Health Authorities.
  • Conforming to Public Health Authority guidelines.

You can get a remote job to help you with complying to the requirements. There are companies, like our remote operating MSP Staffing Company who hire remote workers! Once the initial requirements are met, the following documents must be produced and submitted while applying for the Visitors Workcation Permit:

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • A letter of employment or proof of company ownership stating one’s occupation.
  • Provisional proof of accommodation.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of one’s visit.
  • A provisional onward ticket (a return ticket or departure ticket from Seychelles).

Applying for the Visitors’ Work Permit should be done online 60 days before your planned visit to Seychelles, or within two weeks of arriving. However, applying for the Health Travel Authorization must be done within two days of your planned visit, regardless of whether or not you choose to apply for the VWP online or in-person.

  1. Health Travel Authorization requirements

Once you receive the VWP, the next step is to apply for the Health Travel Authorization (HTA). To do this, the following is required:

  • A negative PCR test certificate
  • A valid passport
  • An onward ticket
  • Hotel or residence booking voucher
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate
  • Health Insurance covering Covid-19
  • Credit Card details for a one-time payment of $46 (45 €)–that includes both the VWP and HTA

Applicants can apply via the official government website for Seychelles’ Workcation Program. Applications are reviewed within 12 hours of submitting them. If it is successful, applicants go on to hold both VWP and HTA certificates. Within the HTA certificate, each applicant is assigned a unique ID number that allows them to access local discounts, as well as the “encounter app,” which is an extension of the travel authorization application.

Entering Seychelles by sea

Visitors entering Seychelles by sea must e-mail [email protected] to apply for entry under the Travel Authorization guidelines.

Pre-travel requirements 

Once you have your permits, you are ready to enter Seychelles and enjoy the unique Workationing Program! It is advised that you have all the required documents printed out and easily accessible so that you can hand them over to an immigration officer to review.

Booking accommodation at a discounted price can be done through the Workcation website, where you can find a list of services at a discounted price. Just be sure to check that the service providers are certified.

A list of other travel requirements can be found here.

Are there any restrictions with the Seychelles Workcation Program?

There are some restrictions for individuals who are residing in Seychelles on a digital nomad visa under the Workcation program. For remote working and self-employed individuals, generating profit from local entities is forbidden.

This means engaging in a local partnership or employment is not allowed. Both employed and self-employed individuals are not permitted to service the local community or tourists in the country. However, if they are interested in doing that, they should contact the Seychelles Investment Board for guidance.

How to apply for the Seychelles Workcation Program – Application Form

To apply for the Workcation Program in Seychelles online, follow this link. There, you can apply as an individual or a group. The process is very straightforward and the website guides you through all the steps required for the application to be successful. 

Individuals who want to apply to the Workcation program must do so at least 60 days before arriving in Seychelles, and no later than two weeks after entering the country. 

Seychelles Workcation Program for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

If you are ready to relocate to beautiful Seychelles for up to a year, now you know what it takes and where to apply. Be sure to check out the discounted accommodations offered by the program so that you can find a place quickly, as a booking confirmation is one of the requirements for the permit.

Gather all the documents and apply 60 days prior to your entry to Seychelles, or within 2 weeks of entering the country. When you receive your Visitors Workcation Permit (VWP), be sure to apply for the Health Travel Authorization (HTA) because only then will you enter the Worckation Program fully, using the unique ID you will receive.

Lastly, read through the Pre-Travel requirements to be sure you have everything you need to relocate to Seychelles and enjoy this paradise on Earth!

Do digital nomads pay taxes in Seychelles?

Digital nomads, whether employed or self-employed,do not pay income taxes in Seychelles. Moreover, there are no taxes or customs duties on work equipment. And unlike other countries, where digital nomads who don’t pay income taxes don’t have access to health care and social security perks, Seychelles nomads do have those benefits and health care despite not paying taxes.

Seychelles digital nomad visa

Benefits of the Seychelles Workcation Program – Digital Nomad Visa

Seychelles became a republic in 1976 by gaining its independence from the United Kingdom. This archipelagic island country is comprised of 115 breathtaking islands in the Indian Ocean. The country now wants to become more than a holiday destination and is offering multiple benefits to the participants in the Workcation Program, including:

  • Access to facilities at a discount rate and long-term accommodation.
  • Access to health care and other essential services.
  • No taxes and customs duties on work equipment.
  • No personal or business income tax.
  • Long-term stay. Visa is valid for up to a year.
  • The programme is extended to family members at a discount.

The transportation in Seychelles is also straightforward with many options to choose from. There are ferries and boats that can transport you from island to island for a discounted price. 

The cost of living in Seychelles

The official local currency in Seychelles is the Seychellois Rupee (SRC), but the abbreviation (RC) is sometimes used as well. One euro will get you 13.07 SRC, and one US dollar is the equivalent of 12.85 SCR.

To live in Seychelles, a family of four should expect to spend around $2,930.00 (2,877.00 €) per month without the cost of rent. For a single person, a budget of around $835.00 (802.00 €) per month will cover expenses, excluding the cost of rent. 

Living in Seychelles can get pricey, but if you are on a budget, you can enjoy all touristic entertainment and expect to pay 150-200 euros per day. If you want to be luxurious, it is possible to easily spend 1000 euros a day staying in 5-star hotels and private beaches. Seychelles ranks between the 19th and the 24th most expensive countries in the world, however, it is still much cheaper than the Maldives and other “exotic” destinations.

For digital nomads, Victoria, the capital city is the best place to start your Seychelles adventure. It is the biggest city, with the most concentrated expat and remote worker communities. And since tourism is the main industrial branch in Seychelles, there are a lot of tourist info spots and people eager to help you get around.

To compare the cost of living in Seychelles to your current location, use Numbeo.com.

How much rent in Seychelles?

There is a way to rent out accommodation at a discounted rate in Seychelles while you are on the Workcation Program. However, if you choose to rent a place on your own account, you should expect to pay $1,579 USD (1,550.00€) for a three-bedroom apartment outside the city center, and $1,833.00 USD (1,800.00 €) in the center. For a one-bedroom apartment, the average is $652.00 (640.00 €) outside the center and $934 (920.00€) within the city center. Below is what you should expect to pay monthly for rent on specific islands:

Apartment Type in SeychellesMaheVictoria Beau Vallon
3 bedrooms in the center1,000 EUR, 1,018 USD1,803.00 EUR, 1,836.00 USD900.00 EUR, 916.00 USD
3 bedrooms outside the center750 EUR, 763.88 USD1,155.00 EUR, 1176.38 USD700.00 EUR, 713.00 USD
1 bedroom in the center780.00 EUR, 794.41 USD965.00 EUR, 982.82 USD807.00 EUR, 822.09 USD
1 bedroom outside center650.00 EUR, 662.16 USD608.00 EUR, 619.00 USD500.00 EUR, 509.00 USD

Get a remote job and live in Seychelles as a digital nomad

If you want to relocate to Seychelles but aren’t a remote worker, then get a job with us! At Support Adventure, we have open positions for future digital nomads, mostly for IT positions and occasionally admin assistance. 

As a remote team fully operated by expats, we understand the unique needs and lifestyle goals of travelers. We are looking for creative, intelligent people with the right equipment (stable internet, a laptop and a good headset). If you see yourself in this role, apply on our IT jobs page

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