The modern Managed Service Provider (MSP) has evolved to accommodate a more dynamic workforce, including a significant number of remote positions. One area that has particularly felt the impact of this shift is the helpdesk department. From technicians to dispatchers, many roles traditionally considered “in-office” are now increasingly being outsourced or managed remotely. In this article, we will explore the types of helpdesk jobs at an MSP that can be done remotely, presenting opportunities for both MSP owners and job seekers interested in remote IT support jobs.

The benefits of having remote positions in your MSP

There are numerous benefits to hiring remotely for MSP jobs, ranging from access to a diverse talent pool to increased efficiency and cost savings. Let’s delve into why MSP owners should consider tapping into the remote job market.

Access to a Global Talent Pool

When you limit your hiring to a specific geographical location, you limit your options. The technology world is rich with talent, and much of it is dispersed globally. Hiring remotely allows MSPs to access specialized skills that may not be readily available in their local job market.


One of the most significant benefits of hiring remote employees is the potential for cost savings. Eliminating or reducing the need for physical office space can save considerable overhead expenses, including rent, utilities, and maintenance. This frees up resources that can be reinvested into the business, such as enhancing service offerings or marketing efforts.

Increased Productivity

Contrary to the myth that remote workers are less productive, various studies have demonstrated that remote work can actually boost productivity. Remote employees often report fewer distractions and a more comfortable working environment, which can lead to increased focus and efficiency. Utilizing task management software and communication tools can help maintain this productivity.

Flexibility and Business Continuity

Remote work allows for greater flexibility in terms of operating hours and can make it easier for MSPs to offer 24/7 support. This not only provides a competitive edge but also helps in maintaining business continuity in case of local disruptions like natural disasters or other emergencies.

Enhanced Employee Well-Being

Employee well-being is essential for long-term success; remote work often provides a better work-life balance. The flexibility to create a personalized work environment and eliminate commute time can result in happier, more engaged employees who are less likely to leave, reducing turnover costs.


Hiring remote workers allows MSPs to easily scale their operations up or down as needed without the logistical challenges involved in accommodating more in-house staff. This agility can be especially beneficial for growing MSPs or those with fluctuating service demands.

Lower Carbon Footprint

With fewer employees commuting and less need for office utilities, remote work is also an environmentally friendly option. For MSPs committed to sustainability, this can be a significant additional benefit.

A remote MSP worker and their morning coffee
Not to mention how much the average quality of coffee improves when you get to work remotely

The Future is Remote: Helpdesk Jobs at an MSP That Can Be Done from Anywhere

Helpdesk Support Technician

Role and Responsibilities

The remote helpdesk support technician serves as the first point of contact for clients experiencing issues. Responsibilities include basic troubleshooting, ticket creation, and issue escalation.

Feasibility for Remote Work

With advanced helpdesk software and remote diagnostic tools, this role is easily adaptable for remote work.

System Administrators

Role and Responsibilities

Remote system administrators are responsible for maintaining and updating the server and network configurations, ensuring data backups, managing and deploying SaaS and IaaS configurations and more.

Feasibility for Remote Work

Thanks to secure VPN connections and cloud management systems, system administrators can perform almost all of their duties remotely.

NOC Personnel

Role and Responsibilities

Network Operations Center (NOC) personnel monitor and manage the network infrastructure, ensuring uptime and security. They are crucial for incident management and proactive problem-solving.

Feasibility for Remote Work

Given that most NOC tools are web-based, this role can be executed remotely as long as there is a secure and reliable internet connection.

Service Coordinators or Dispatchers

Role and Responsibilities

Remote dispatchers are the logistic coordinators of the MSP world. They manage and prioritize service tickets, assigning them to the appropriate technicians or administrators.

Feasibility for Remote Work

Since their work mainly involves using service management software, it is easily achievable remotely.

A remote MSP workers home office
A remote MSP worker’s home office can be just as advanced as an office at work is.

Other Remote MSP Positions to Consider

Remote Account Managers

In an MSP setting, account managers play a pivotal role in client retention and revenue growth. With a number of CRM and PSA tools available, remote account managers can perform their duties from anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted service and attention to clients. Video conferencing for client meetings, real-time data access for service monitoring, and digital platforms for contract management can all be easily managed remotely.

Remote Sales Personnel

Remote sales personnel can expand an MSP’s market reach beyond geographical limitations. Using digital communication platforms for presentations, virtual meetings, and negotiations, these salespeople can reach potential clients in various regions or even countries. Additionally, they can quickly adapt to different time zones, providing the company with the opportunity to offer round-the-clock sales efforts.

Remote Quality Analysts

Quality Analysts can review and audit customer interactions and ticket handling, ensuring compliance with service-level agreements and best practices.

Remote Training Coordinators

Training Coordinators can develop and deliver training modules for new helpdesk employees, focusing on both technical and customer service skills.

Benefits for Both Sides

For MSP Owners looking to hire remotely:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduced overheads and increased efficiency.
  • Access to Talent: A global talent pool means better skills and potentially 24/7 coverage.
  • Increased Productivity: Research has shown remote workers are more productive
  • Flexibility and Business Continuity: Hiring remotely allows MSPs to staff 24/7 much easier and helps maintain business continuity in case of local disruptions (or a global pandemic)
  • Scalability: Hiring remotely allows MSPs to quickly scale their operations as needed without the challenges involved in accommodating in-house staff

For Remote MSP Job Seekers:

  • Flexibility: You can choose what timezone to work in, depending on your preference
  • Diverse Opportunities: The ability to work for companies based anywhere in the world.
  • Work-life balance: Without the commute, you have more time for yourself when working remotely
  • Increased productivity: Most people enjoy being more productive at their work without the distraction an office brings, therefore being able to get more done in a given timeframe

Why Remote MSP Jobs Are The Future?

The rise of remote work in the helpdesk sector of MSPs offers a win-win situation for both employers and employees. With the right tools and management practices, a remote helpdesk operation can be just as effective—if not more so—than a traditional in-office setup, while providing massive benefits from the financial and the worker well-being perspective. Any MSP looking to run an effective shop should consider having as many remote positions available as feasible at a given time, throughout the evolution of the company.

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The remote future is here.


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