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Welcome to Support Adventure, the premium remote IT support staffing company that brings together like-minded individuals, who share a passion for adventure and technology, to help IT professionals find their ideal remote jobs in IT support.

We offer you the chance to live and work remotely from some of the most exciting places across the globe while providing top-notch remote technical support in a location-independent manner.

Why work with Support Adventure?

Join us to become a part of our ever-growing family of IT support professionals, where you can enjoy a flexible work-life balance, work from anywhere in the world and gain valuable experience working with some of the leading IT support companies (MSPs) in the industry. We staff positions that meet the following criteria:

Remote IT support technicians and other helpdesk staff placed with our clients
0 +
MSP clients entrusting us with finding great talent
Median contract length of our contractors (and growing constantly)
0 + Months

How to get a remote job with Support Adventure?

To become part of the Support Adventure family, you’ll need to pass a series of tests designed to showcase your ability and skills as an IT support professional.

Once you complete our Training and Testing program, you will be presented to our clients, who regularly invite our candidates to interview and become part of their team.

This process is designed to select the best candidates to present to our clients so it takes a bit of effort and time to complete.

Finish the

The Training and Testing program is designed to further assess your skills, focusing on communication, note taking and position related skills

Join the

Once you've sucessfully completed our initial assessment, you'll be invited to record a couple of introduction videos to join our program


Candidates who complete our program get presented to our clients, who consistently hire remotely for their service desk positions

What you get working with Support Adventure:

Working with the best

We carefully select our clients to work only with those who provide the best working environment and business culture for our staff

Long Term Engagements

We only fill stable, long term positions, allowing our staff to fully learn and understand our clients systems and grow with their company

Career opportunity

Once you become part of the Support Adventure family, we'll always be there to help you with your career progression in the MSP industry

Ongoing contract management

Our contract managers are there to help our clients find their next superstar but also help you through the length of the contract, utilizing their skillset a to manage the relationship and deal with raises, incentives, problem resolution, time-off management and more

Above market rates

By matching remote staff living in low-cost locations with companies operating in strong economies, our model allows us to provide competitive rates to our clients, while paying above market rates to you for your work

Rolling long-term contracts in USD, GBP or EUR

Our contracts have daily fees paid in USD, GBP or EUR, depending on the client's location which get paid directly into your account once a month. After an initial 30-day trial period where you or the client can decide that it's not the right fit without notice, our contracts have no expiration date, a 30-day notice period for both sides and a built in raise after the first 6 months with the same client

Remote IT support jobs we offer:

Get a job as a remote IT support technician and work remotely on our clients’ helpdesks located around the world. Depending on your level of experience you will be working as a remote helpdesk technician, project technician, or part of the NOC team, all in a 100% remote capacity.

You’ll be joining a team of almost 200 remote IT support technicians of various levels working with some of the latest commercially available technology.

Our clients are always on the lookout for highly experienced IT generalists with an expert level understanding of Microsoft based technologies and networks, and broad experience in managing, deploying and migrating large scale projects.

Selected for your exceptional experience and skills, you will be presented to our most valued clients and provided ample opportunity to negotiate your own contract terms.

We have multiple clients in the MSP space that are looking for Remote IT Service Desk Coordinators (Dispatchers) to help organize their service desk. As a coordinator, you’ll receive incoming calls, emails, and tickets, and assign them to team members of the organization. 

A good level of technical awareness, an unrelentingly positive attitude, and excellent communication skills in English are required for this position. Industry experience is not required, but you need to have relevant skills and be a go-getter.

Frequently asked questions:

We’re looking for people who have found interesting lives abroad, who have a certain amount of discipline, who could work from home with a certain level of focus, and who want to make their dream of living in that place while working remotely. We value authenticity, trustworthiness, and strong communication skills in English.

It’s great if you have experience with IT, troubleshooting technical problems, are computer savvy (i.e. reinstalling operating systems, taking computers apart, set up new routers etc.).

It’s your ability to learn fast and solve problems that we are most interested in. If you think you would excel in solving technical issues, we invite you to apply regardless of your specific experience.

If you’re not sure if you’re currently technical enough to work in remote technical support, but think you could thrive if given a chance in this industry, apply as Service Coordinator, a position in which many have succeeded transferring skills from other industries.

All of our current opportunities are in English. If you are a native English speaker, you might already have a certain level of communication that is in-line with the customer experience expectations. However, even if you are not a native English speaker, we do not discriminate as long as you excel in communicating in the English language.

When you apply for Support Adventure, you are entering yourself into our database of contractors. We are like a matchmaking service, since we are talking to companies about their various needs (what type of technician, skills, business hours, etc.), then we look at our database to see who might be the best fit. Once we find a fit, we set up an interview. It doesn’t always happen fast and we appreciate your patience in this process.

We’re always looking for new companies and contractors, and are hiring constantly. You are free to follow up with us, to know if you are currently being considered for a position and what the time frame might be for that.

Our clients provide an IT help desk service for other businesses, helping their users with various day to day computer issues and administration, management and deployment of their network, server and cloud infrastructure. For technical staff, the typical activities include resolving client technical issues and acting as front-line technical support or escalation technicians, while coordinators help organize and run the help desk, and act as the front line for communicating with clients and cataloguing their issues. Technicians with higher levels of experience work on infrastructure and large-scale migration projects as well as act as the ultimate escalation point for more junior technicians.


Most of the clients use Microsoft-based physical and virtual infrastructure and various apps, using enterprise-grade related services and hardware.

We don’t discriminate based on nationality for applicants. Sometimes our clients have preferences based on their security needs, in order to be cleared to have access to client systems. Regardless of your nationality, we invite you to apply with Support Adventure, and if you are a capable applicant we will do everything we can to present you as a trustworthy candidate to our clients.

You can work from anywhere except for a small number of countries which are not allowed. We ask that you make all necessary arrangements to be in a place that has stable internet, power, and a quiet place to make calls and no internet censorship which prevents the performance of the job.

With contractors, we work on a day-worked, day-paid basis. The payment structure may vary depending on the client and the nature of the project. Further details regarding payment will be discussed at the time of the offer. As a contractor, you will be paid the gross amount for all the days worked, and will be responsible for paying your own taxes to the jurisdiction you fall under.”

Having a fully remote job is a lot more flexible in terms of how you work than a regular job. Some of our contracts require you to be on the phone, which requires a quiet working space. There is no need to commute to and from work for hours a day, as you can work where you want to. You also get to enjoy the solitude of peace and quiet or the excitement of co-working spaces.

If you have kids, you can work from home, and be there for their lives.

Finally, you have the flexibility and freedom to travel – why not rent a villa in Greece for a week and work from there!

Applicaton Process

After applying for one of our available remote IT support positions, you’ll be invited to take a technical assessment designed to test your IT skills as they relate to the position you’re applying for.

Successful candidates will be invited to participate in our Training and Testing Program, which requires you to record several videos of yourself introducing yourself to our clients and answering a series of questions related to the position.

The Training and Testing program also includes additional assessments designed to test your skills and abilities in situations designed to mimic a real-world help desk environment.

After passing our program, successful candidates will have a profile created that will be presented to our clients who are looking to expand their staff at that time.

Passing the program does not guarantee immediate placement.

What our staff say:

I love working for Support Adventure as a remote IT support technician cause the flexibility of it. When I was back in the UK I had a job and had to commute every day. Colombia's such a beautiful place, the scenery is so different. Support Adventure put really good systems to working remotely.
Remote IT Support Technician
I love working with Support Adventure because I really love their core values. All of those things along with working a fully remote position allow me to live a lifestyle I love of work and travel. I get to live in my favorite part of the world, live and travel in Europe, all while holding a stable remote job!
Nwando - Support Adventure, the MSP staffing agency
I enjoy working from home because it offers solitude, and time and ability to concentrate. The best thing about working with Support Adventure is feeling like you’re not part of a company, but part of a little family.
Zoran - Support Adventure, the MSP staffing agency
Remote Network Engineer
I was born in Serbia, then moved to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Peru. Working remotely with Support Adventure is great, because it’s very flexible, which is what I need being a single mom.
Nina Kolacaric - Support Adventure, the MSP staffing agency
Sales Lead Generation

The Support Adventure Lifestyle:

Work from home, co-working spaces or cafes

You are in control of where you work. As long as you have a strong internet connection, power, and a quiet setting, you have full flexibility. All of the available positions are 100% always remote.

Live in exciting destinations

Support Adventure gives you the opportunity to live in exciting international places like Chiang Mai, Medellin, and Belgrade. Move wherever you want. Live a lifestyle of exploration that you wouldn’t experience from typical careers in your home country.

Be part of a dynamic team

Our staff are dotted around the world, many of us are creative artists, musicians, and content creators. You will be part of a global community of contractors who may even be in the same city as you.

Staff of Support Adventure, the MSP staffing agency, at a team meeting in Belgrade

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