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When expanding your team, you might ask yourself, “Should I hire staff internally or outsource MSP help desk support“?

Before you decide if outsourced MSP staff is for you, it is good to clearly define what qualities you want your IT or MSP help desk to have and how much you are willing to pay for it.

Outsourced MSP help desks should use the following best practices:

  1. A well organized and coordinated team of technicians.
  2. Technically capable staff who are also creative.
  3. Culturally compatible and empathetic individuals.
  4. Outstanding value for the cost.

What if we told you that the list above describes our outsourced IT staff to a T? Hiring outsourced MSP help desk support is truly not scary when done right! As a remote MSP staff provider that has recruited outsourced staff to over 40 MSPs, we at Support Adventure see how much value this brings.

Outsourcing can also come with a multitude of benefits including saving on costs, covering multiple time zones, and being able to focus on scaling by taking less off your plate. 

In this article we will explore the benefits of IT help desk outsourcing for MSPs and the different models. Additionally, you will hear first hand testimonials from companies and staff that are utilizing our services! 

Outsourced help desk staffing, remote work

Outsourced MSP helpdesk support expands your geographical reach

Using the “follow the sun model,” outsourced MSP help desk staff can provide coverage 24/7 and you can rely on amazing talent regardless of the timezone they’re in. 

Instead of missing out on great staff by restricting yourself to only the local options, open your doors to a model where location is an opportunity to expand your business. And coming from different backgrounds, outsourced technicians can enrich the culture of your MSP, providing innovative perspectives.

This is all very advantageous to you because:

  • Outsourcing allows you to widen the pool of amazing talent who are properly tested and trained with a go-getter attitude. 
  • Outsourced IT help desk staff can provide around the clock support. 
  • MSPs with outsourced help desk technicians in various time zones have an easier time  expanding their services to more cities and countries. 
  • Outsourcing 24/7 reliable frontdesk support helps you reach previously unreachable clients.
Outsourcing on a budget, Save money

Outsourced MSP help desk support can save you half on staff

It may be in your interest to avoid paying salaries that must cover the cost of living in New York, Los Angeles or London. The power of geographical independence in outsourcing your IT or MSP help desk support is that you aren’t limited to the local talent pool, which is often very very pricey. By simply widening your searcg to more locations, you can pay talented engineers who will still earn an above average salary compared to what their peers are earning working the same job for a local company in the same country. This way, you will have staff that feel good doing what they do best while working for you.

Having a great standard of living, no matter where someone is based, makes for a satisfied individual. They’re more capable of focusing during their work day and having overall satisfaction about the career. 

Just look at what some of our contractors have to say!

Outsourcing your MSP Helpdesk Helps You Scale FAST!

Your company will benefit the most from an IT or MSP outsourcing agency that has insight into both the needs of the help desk staff and your MSP specifically. You can relax more while your outsourcing partner that you trust steers a steady ship of talented and vetted technicians who follow industry best practices.

This is why part of your success in outsourcing also lies in the partner you choose to work with. You need a reliable IT outsourcing company that is experienced, knows what they are doing and provides you with techs who fit into your team as naturally as internal staff do. 

Don’t underestimate this part. Many MSPs who found refuge working with us after having a prior disappointing outsourcing experience expressed how they were frustrated by the lack of cultural compatibility between their clients and their remote helpdesk. Their customers felt disconnected by the outsourced staff and their communication style. 

If this has been a previous experience of yours, we love when we can work with a client and make up for that. An outsourced IT help desk should be a solution, not an added burden. 

We are happy to say our clients always feel relieved once they sign on with us, as you can see from our testimonials here. If you feel uneasy about an outsourcer, it could simply be that it’s not the right fit and that you should explore your options further. 

Outsourcing models for MSP helpdesk IT staff hire

Outsourcing Models for MSP Staffing

Outsourced IT staffing models are designed in a way that fits your MSP business model and provides coverage for a particular range of time. 

The 3 main models are:

  1. Full time dedicated help desk staff 
  2. Part time dedicated help desk staff
  3. Shared helpdesk staff

Here’s a summary of how each one works: 

  • Dedicated help desk staff – Full Time
  • Have a technician follow all your internal procedures, just like someone working in your office. An individual will be on-boarded by us and assigned only to you.
  • Dedicated help desk staff – Part Time
  • Don’t have enough work to fill a full day?  We can give you a dedicated technician on a contract of 20 hours per week.
  • Shared Helpdesk
  • Get access to a team of technicians working around the world 24/7, servicing your tickets as they come in. This is perfect for MSPs with clients who need out-of-hours support.
Outsourced IT services, IT staff, Outsourcing agency

Pick and choose the staff for you

The best thing about this approach is that you get to meet the staff before hiring them!

You can see candidates on video and feel acquainted with them before bringing them onboard your team. 

All of our candidates are:

  1. Pre-screened. 
  2. On a short video recording to introduce themselves. 
  3. Thoroughly tested in their technical abilities as we have them perform a VM test as well as take ticket notes for review.
  4. Well-rounded individuals with great customer support.

So just how does it all work? 

Upon your request, we present candidates to you by sending over videos of them, along with results from their completion of our training and testing program. This way you will get much more valuable information than you would just by looking at a resume. You get an insight into the candidate’s personality, technical skills, documentation keeping, ability to utilize workarounds, creativity and more before interviewing and hiring them. 

You get to pick the candidates you like the most and invite them for an interview. While in the interview, you can get to know them better and build rapport. 

Now that you’ve learned a thing or two about outsourced MSP staffing benefits, models and the way we do things over here at Support Adventure, we hope you feel more confident in your intuition telling you to outsource.

Let go of out-dated and costly hiring tactics and step into the world of outsourcing with a reliable partner. Contact us today for more information or to speak with someone who can explain more about our service.

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