Get the best out of MSP remote recruitment 

Be careful of who you let in your inner circle. Choosing the right employees and integrating them is a mine-field. Neglect one step and the whole business will be shaken up with the consequences. 

If done wrongly, the process of finding the right people is lengthy, the hiring pricey and the guarantee of future employees doing great work non-existent.

Bypassing the many errors MSP encounters in this process is a critical task that needs to be dealt with professionally, with experience and in great detail.   

Examining the process, success is revealed in establishing:

  1. Unambiguous criteria
  2. A proven system of selection and 
  3. Managing comfortable integration with the company

Seeing that there is a lack of consistent guidance in the field, Support Adventure(we) recognized the need for security in the process of acquiring the right individuals to join your company and the most successful way to integrate them.

This detail-oriented approach we apply was developed thanks to the great experience and uncompromised standards we’ve held since our founding in 2016.

As a 4-year-old successful MSP staff hiring agency, operating fully online, we’ve had our fair share of participating in the trial and error method. 

Constantly and diligently improving ourselves both as individual members personally and our company as a whole, has made our knowledge and understanding of the hiring process meticulous

Having the insight of both the needs of the company and the candidate has put us in a unique, bird-eye position and we use this advantage to bring out the best in both parties. 

For this reason we want to share our insight of this process and the clockwork behind it.

We discovered the most common pain points in this process are found throughout these categories:

  1. Finding the best talent – Not knowing where to look for.
  2. Identifying the skills necessary – What can be and what can not be learned?
  3. Training and testing (VM) – Prioritize practice!
  4. Interviewing and Screening – How to avoid hiring the wrong people and missing out on good candidates?
  5. Onboarding and first steps – Living up to the measure of success.

The steps we take while hiring individuals are presented here in chronological order, however, the process functions as a whole and no part can be dealt with outside of that framework.

Never losing sight of the goal while simultaneously getting into the nuts and bolts of the process, dedicating undivided attention to each worthy candidate and applying a detailed approach is a serious and time-consuming task. 

If done well the outcome is finding candidates who possess an envious level of knowledge, expertise and quality of character we can present an MSP with and stand firmly behind our choice.

We will bring you closer to the experience of the process and present some red flags, noting the qualities to search for when looking for a future technician. 

It is important to state that there are some deal-breakers that make us avoid cooperating with an MSP and the red flags that pop up in the process of matching the individual with the company that we will look into.

Improving your MSP environment will further ensure you have the best systems in place that the talented individuals can thrive in. 

1) Finding the best talent – Knowing where to look for

Criteria used to seek out individuals who can match particular values and vision of success shouldn’t be limited by proximity of location or a narrowed-down perception of adequate qualification. 

Surpassing the by-gone guidelines in hiring posed by the rigid practices of before in the ever-changing, fluid environment that are natural to MSPs, is something to gravitate towards.

In practical terms, this shift in perception requires certain know-how regarding the requirements of scaling businesses today with a timeless sense of consistency, integrity and value.

Taking into consideration that an increasing number of businesses are starting to operate online, it should not be a surprise the demand for talent outside of local surroundings is increasing. 

More and more companies have recognized the benefits outsourcing brings when done diligently.  More often than not, heads are turned away from this notion because there are certain fears and insecurities employers weigh themselves down with. 

  1. Remote staff management
  2. Cultural compatibility
  3. Technical competency

Limitations that were once posed on us are far behind and we are in a ground-breaking time where businesses can operate fully and successfully remotely. We’ve recognized this and as a sourcing company, we’ve had amazing talents introduce themselves to us, coming from 5 different continents.  

Starting with a clear vision and a flexible perspective, we’ve sought out the best way to find talented individuals. The inquiry led us to a wide market of individuals who had certain qualities. They can be summed up in:

  1. Ability to learn and willingness to adapt
  2. Well rounded character and great communication skills
  3. Passion and intelligence over education

Where are such individuals to be found? The answer to that question can be had by looking at your interests, values and goals of the company needing such employees. Like-minded people searching for a job can be present on:

It takes a lot of time and expertise to be able to locate these individuals and especially to know what to look for. 

It’s important to incorporate a fresh perspective and value intelligence over education and consider cultural compatible individuals from less economically strong countries.

2) Identifying the skills necessary – What can be and what can not be learned?

Identifying the skills necessary can be veiled and obscured by what an individual states in their resume or cover letter. Experience is always greatly valued but the way experience is shown is not through speaking about them but rather through practical demonstrations

We’ve learned that being knowledgeable and mastering a type of programming language, having degrees and certificates does not make an individual competent to work in the ever-changing, intricate environment that is an MSP.

Certain things can not be learned. 

And those things are exactly what makes a good technician:

  • Valuing intelligence above other factors will transform and freshen-up any sector of a business. 
  • Passion is the driving force that brings most results since it comes from the right motivation and done out of liking instead of forcing. 

Individuals possessing these two traits will thrive in any IT environment. 

Having prestigious diplomas and the highest education is certainly a plus. However, MSPs often make the mistake of not hiring someone because of not having a degree. This practice stops a company from hiring incredible talent for good rates. 

Integrity and ownership are the qualities that will be the basis for consistency, which is the main ingredient of success.

  • Cultural compatibility and well-rounded individuals are the silver-lining in any environment.
  • English speaking skills, polite demeanour and polished communication style.

Experience is always a plus and should be given an advantage but not at the expense of not giving anybody an opportunity to learn. 

Crucial traits that can’t be learnedTraits that can be acquired 
Cultural compatibility and soft skillsAdjusting to environment

To avoid missing out on great talent we’ve devised a testing and training program that all our applicants go through. 

It consists of tasks and exercises that encompass the future role of the candidate as authentically as possible, testing communication skills, ticket note writing, troubleshooting and technical knowledge in practice.

3) Training and testing – prioritize practice

In this step, candidates have a chance to learn how to behave in a situation where they do not know the right answer upfront – which happens often.  

In this step, the candidates are presented with a platform where they can have a chance to:

  1. Demonstrate their skills
  2. Learn new insights



Letting the candidates introduce themselves in a written form will make the selection process easier. Learn about the topics that are important for the future role of the candidate such as experience, motivation behind the application, abilities and limitations. 

Filtering the potential employees by the details they provide will as a result have a shortlist of interesting individuals that are then encouraged to proceed with the testing. 


In this initial step, candidates are asked to perform certain tasks that will measure their success in delivering technical requests and written communication. 

Properly positioning in regard to the client (in “external” communication) and correctly stating the steps taken (in “internal” communication) that brought them positive results.

Here, the most attention is focused on the candidates communication style, clarity of thinking and success in solving technical assignments.

This step tells a lot about the relation the candidate has with the customer, their thought-process and clarity when reproducing it in writing and lastly, technical competency.

Communication styleRelation with customers
“Steps taken” to solve the assignmentClarity of thought-process and reproduction
Successfully solved technical tasksTechnical competency


Similarly to the written assignments, the video introduction tests the candidates speaking skills, their demeanor and attitude. This medium provides more freedom both to the employer and the candidate to express their needs and skills that meet them.

Nothing can replace seeing a candidate face-to-face to form an opinion about them. Similarly, the video interview bears great value when it comes to assessing candidates. 

Questions ranging from individuals’ background, solutions to hypothetical problems or simply what they like to do in their free time will be the second filter in the process of hiring.


Testing what is important in depth. 

Writing and speaking skills alongside ticket note writing and ability to solve problems can be enough to determine if a candidate will be a potentially good dispatcher for your helpdesk.

Having technicians that will solve customer requests head-on however requires a higher set of skills and expertise. The key to finding out if a candidate has those is for them to present them in practice. 

Devising a polygon with practical tasks and conducting another interview will solidify your opinion of the candidate and have them demonstrate their knowledge further. 

Being creative but concise and consistent in this part will ensure a clear layout of future employees. Once again, good communication skills, problem-solving approach and cultural compatibility are the most important criteria. Mixed with the “gut feeling”,those criteria bring us closer to the right candidate.

4) Interviewing

Once our candidates pass the testing program and show that they have the right technical compatibilities, a well-rounded personality and great communication skills they are presented to the companies through a video interview.

Having to meet them face-to-face and get a sense of their presence, demeanour and situational awareness is invaluable in the process of hiring the right person for a MSP. In this part, the future employees will get to talk with our candidate to see if they are a right match for them.

Filtering out candidates is the most difficult task an employee can make. For the MSP to be able to ask the right questions, present the company culture and general tasks the employer will perform, we’ll explain the common mistakes that can lead to unsuccessful hiring.

These instances also present red flags that will deter us as a hiring agency to cooperate with an MSP. Improving them will ensure future success.


The interview is often perceived as a one-way street, where the candidate is in a position where they are required to solely answer questions and impress the employer. 

Some of the best candidates are scared-off by the cold approach or a bossy tone of their interviewers. 

A good interview reflects the future relationship the employer and employee will continue to build once the candidate joins the company.

Systems and procedures

Clear procedures are a must for a well organized MSP. These include:

Having a great remote environment should encompass all of the points listed above. 

To help you start your journey as the best MSP, we’ve written a ticket note writing guide which you can download for free here!

If those are not in place,the technicians skills and efforts will not be fully realised and their contribution to the company obstructed by the dysfunctional systems in place.

If there is a need for improving parts of your business, but you are not sure where to start, contact our founder Eric for a quick checkup!

5) Onboarding and first steps

Seamless integration is something all businesses strive for and it is not possible without the hard work put into the steps leading to employment. 

That is why the role of a mediator is important. Ensuring a comfortable environment from the employer and satisfactory engagement from the employee is achieved. 

As a hiring agency, we’ve been there since the initial contact with the candidate. Working with over 30 MSPs we are aware of the common problems and can provide practical solutions to them.

The anticipation and the buzzing energy that comes with hiring a new member of the team should be guided and sustained throughout the months since it serves as a leading force in bringing results and rejuvenation to the workplace.

This is why Support Adventure has made it a practice to follow up with the MSP and check in on their technician. For the future 6 months we’ve seen that our mediation and guidance in the process of settling in is bringing the best results. 

Following the best on-boarding tactics will ensure the maximum potential of both the employee and the company.

Have you need for assistance in any of the presented steps, or looking for a technician to join your team, we are here for you!

Checkout more on our MSP staffing solutions.

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