Support Adventure is a global remote company that hires diverse set of people from around the world that formed a unique set of values for the organization.

Our Story

The company started with a dream from our founder, Eric. After growing up in Toronto and briefly living in London, he discovered a city called Belgrade in Serbia (South Eastern Europe). He wanted to continue working for London-based IT companies while living in Belgrade.

Remote working was the solution to his dreams, since it’s possible and easy to work remotely as an IT Support Technician. Fast forward to today, we have 38 people working for Support Adventure spread across 14 countries, servicing 15 clients.

We realized we have a unique set of values, as a fully remote global organization, and we wanted to share these values to see if it makes sense working with us. We prefer to work with contractors and clients that share these core values with us.

Core Values:

1. Authenticity

We like to help people authentically. We should have a high standard of service delivery through providing an honest service transparently while remaining professional and while putting our own personality in our customer service, and being ourselves and not having to do anything that’s fake or disingenuous.

2. Internationalism

We are operating all around the world, with 3 key regions (South East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America). Internationalism is a key value because that’s how the business started, and it’s our passion. It allows us to make a win-win-win situation. We are a group of global-minded people and we do not discriminate on ethnicity, nationality, or location. We do discriminate on the level of customer service and professionalism.

3.Great Value

We deliver more value than expected when we do our deals to create a winning situation to all parties involved. We ensure that clients and contractors are in a position that creates value for them. That allows us to feel good with our contracts, and we are not trying to make as much money as possible and squeeze profits.

4. Accountability

With Remote Working, we believe there needs to be a level of accountability. If you have people working for you remotely, you need to make sure that they are doing a good job, without micro-managing them. We like to insist that our contractors keep good notes of what they’re doing, so there is a record of how they’ve spent their day. This is important because it creates trust with the remote workers and clients.

5. Clear Communication

We create teams that communicate with a structure and speak directly, and we ensure that all parties know what is expected and agreed explicitly. We use the best technology to communicate efficiently and effectively in a timely manner. Good communication through the proper channels is key in remote working through the right channels for different scenarios (email, ticketing system, chat, video conferencing).

6. Community

We are a global community and fly all around the world to meet the people that we work for. We are a community of people that resonate with people with shared common values. We like to work with people that we would get a coffee/beer/meal with, and often do this.

7. Teachability

We believe that all people associated with Support Adventure are teachers. There should be a free-flow of information to help everybody be the best that they can and to improve their path in life (whether that’s a business owner, someone living abroad, creating an expat lifestyle, or focused on a career in tech).

8. Evolving Structures

When you start your business, it can be chaos. From the process of building your business, you need to evolve the structure soon, certainly as soon as when you hire somebody else. You need to actually externalize a structure outside of your own brain if you’re the solo entrepreneur type and once you get past five staff members, it becomes imperative that you have a structure to give them guidelines. We are constantly progressing our structure to reach goals and evolve.

9. Profit-Fuelling Progression

The business evolved from Eric wanting to live abroad to Eric wanting to have other people have their lives changed by having stable work abroad so we measure our success based on how much impact we have on people’s lives and the ability that we have to help more people in businesses achieve their personal and professional goals. This is where we put our profits into.

10. Stability and Reliability

We like steady contracts with steady income, and financial stability month in month out. The core of our business is to providing stable contracts, so you have stable workers on your helpdesk, and so Support Adventure contractors can live in in various countries around the world can have a stable income on which they can base their life. We prefer contracts that are monthly recurring contracts that we hope will last for years.

These are our organizational core values, thanks for watching. You can visit our website at and contact us for any questions you may have.

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