Looking to give your users the best experience?  We offer turn-key technical support & customer service solutions, run by English-speaking expats and global citizens around the world! Give your customers a human touch which inspires confidence in your brand.


Support Adventure is a support provider by expats for expats. We live in places that inspire us. Our focus is helping companies like yours create solid teams by providing English-speaking staff who live in affordable destinations worldwide. We currently have a team of over 40 staff spread across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.


Cost Efficiency

We understand your need to deliver a high quality service while maintaining cost effectiveness.  We give you access to a global base of excellent talent at prices you can afford!


We are real people who your users can connect with. We understand people and their problems, and can bridge the gap between people and technology with skill and compassion.


Our staff are competent and talented people who are chosen to fit into your company culture.  We add a human element to your business, building connection and trust with your customers and user base.

Stability and Scalability

We are interested in building long term relationships, creating stable contracts with the structure to grow and scale quickly.


IT Support

Our roots are in the tech support industry and we are experts in providing customer facing technicians who can help users with common issues, troubleshoot uncommon issues and escalate to your engineering team when necessary.  We solve most of the support cases so that your team can focus on development and innovation.

Customer Service

We hire outgoing and communicative people who enjoy helping others.  We are experts in delivering high quality service which gives a wow to customers.  Whether you want to supplement your existing team (perhaps extending to 24/7) or would like to start a fresh new helpdesk, we can help!

Helpdesk Management

We have experts on staff who can help you set up a helpdesk for you or enhance your existing helpdesk. We are experienced in the industry’s leading tools and can implement a process based approach.  We can look at SLAs, response times and other metrics and devise strategies to improve stats and can make a structure which ensures an efficient, high quality help desk service.

Administrative Assistance

Need help with the administrative side of your business?  We can help you run your business like clockwork. We have experience in finance, personal assistance, and other administrative services. We help build lean and structured organizations that integrate remote working best practices and accountability.


Dedicated Daytime Staffing

Have someone working during your core business hours.  This could be typical a 9-5PM shift in your time zone (or any shift you need). We assign you someone who works only for your company, building connections with your customer base, understanding their needs and giving them excellent service.

24/7 Global Staffing (Dedicated or Shared)

Have a distributed team of staff members in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas covering your support desk 24/7.  We deliver support with dedicated or shared teams.  With our expertise in global helpdesk management, we can build a follow-the-sun team giving continuous and consistent service.