Go beyond your local talent pool and save money without sacrificing quality. There’s talented people all over the world. Let us help you build a great international team while saving half on your staff!


Support Adventure is a support provider by expats for expats, living in places that inspire them. Our focus is helping companies like yours create solid teams by providing English-speaking staff who live in affordable cities worldwide. We currently have a team of over 30 staff spread across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


Cost Efficiency

We understand your need to deliver a high quality service while maintaining cost effectiveness.  We give you access to a global base of excellent talent at prices you can afford!


We are genuine people who are dedicated to giving tangible results, providing friendly and honest support which resonates with the needs of your clients. 


Our staff are competent and talented people who are chosen to fit into the cultures of our clients.  Our values ensure we achieve a high level of quality which helps your business thrive.


We are interested in building long term relationships and aim to create stable contracts with opportunities to see your business grow. 


Support Adventure’s affordability in comparison to local talent pools make us a good choice for expanding your team. The quality of our staff sets us apart, as we carefully screen English speakers around the world to find those who will fit into your company’s culture. The worldly nature of our company ensures our staff excels in customer service and we hire likeable individuals. Our vast knowledge and experience enables us to provide a premium level of support, offering best practices for your business and solutions for your challenges so your business can scale and thrive.

“In 2013, my life was changed by the opportunity to work online for a London company while living in the affordable and vibrant southeast European capital of Belgrade, Serbia.  The company I was working with saved large amounts of money due to my reduced costs and I was able to start my life in Belgrade on a stable footing.  My passion is to help people have stable and fulfilling lives abroad and ensure businesses have access to strong international teams which lead to success, profitability and growth.”

-Eric Muth, Founder of Support Adventure


IT Support

Our roots are in the tech support industry and we are experts in providing customer facing technicians who can help users with common issues, troubleshoot uncommon issues and escalate to your engineering team when necessary.  We can solve most of the support cases so that your team can focus on development and innovation.

Customer Service

We hire outgoing and communicative people who enjoy helping others.  We are experts in delivering high quality service which gives a wow to customers.  Whether you want to supplement your existing team (perhaps extending to 24/7) or would like to set up a start a team from scratch, talk to us about it.

Helpdesk Management

We have experts on staff who can help you set up a helpdesk for you or enhance your existing helpdesk. We are experienced in the industry’s leading tools and can implement a process based approach.  We can look at SLAs, response times and other metrics and devise strategies to improve stats and can make a structure which ensures an efficient, high quality help desk service.

Administrative Assistance

Need help with the administrative side of your business?  We can help you with various admin tasks depending on your needs, feel free to reach out and let us know what those may be and we’ll make a plan to help.


Dedicated Daytime Staffing

Have someone working during your core business hours.  This could be typical a 9-5PM shift in your time zone where we assign you someone who is only working for your company, learning the needs of your customers and giving them excellent service.

24/7 Global Staffing (Dedicated or Shared)

Have a distributed team of staff members in Asia, Europe and the Americas covering your support desk 24/7.  We can provide this with dedicated resources or from our shared resource pool.  We use state of the art logistics software to handle incoming requests and ensure they are responded to.


Having had experience in the operations department of a company that grew from 12-200 employees, Donovan knows how to get people working effectively. He also owns a hostel in Belgrade.

Donovan Bjorkman

Eric started his career in IT in Toronto in 1999. Since then, Eric has worked with over 20 helpdesks and knows their pain points and what makes remote helpdesk staffing a success for everyone.

ERIC muth

Nick worked as a service delivery manager for a helpdesk in London that had over 40 employees and followed ITIL best practices. He brings process-based wisdom to improve the helpdesks of our clients.

Nick Ward


We are happy to have an initial 30 minute conversation to find out how we can add value to your business and how we could work together. Please book a time slot below.