We provide fluent english speakers for front level support servicing your e-commerce, product, or software clients. Let us help you build a great international team for your clients.


Support Adventure is a support provider by expats for expats. Our focus is helping companies create solid support teams by providing English-speaking staff who live in affordable cities worldwide. We specialize in providing 24/7 support for e-commerce sites, apps, services, and more. We currently have a team of over 30 staff spread across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


Many of our current clients are looking for development work, QA testing, front end/back end developers, and other talent. We prefer to specialize in support, which we do very well, instead of expanding our operations into new areas of business. We realize there is an opportunity to capitalize here, and we are open to exploring new partnerships with development companies



Support Adventure’s affordability in comparison to local talent pools make us a good choice for expanding your team. The quality of our staff sets us apart, as we carefully screen English speakers around the world to find those who will fit into your company’s culture. The worldly nature of our company ensures our staff excels in customer service and we hire likeable individuals. Our vast knowledge and experience enables us to provide a premium level of support, offering best practices for your business and solutions for your challenges so your business can scale and thrive.



IT Support

Our roots are in the tech support industry and we are experts in providing customer facing technicians who can help users with common issues, troubleshoot uncommon issues and escalate to your engineering team when necessary.  We can solve most of the support cases so that your team can focus on development and innovation.

Customer Service

We hire outgoing and communicative people who enjoy helping others.  We are experts in delivering high quality service which gives a wow to customers.  Whether you want to supplement your existing team (perhaps extending to 24/7) or would like to set up a start a team from scratch, talk to us about it.

Helpdesk Management

We have experts on staff who can help you set up a helpdesk for you or enhance your existing helpdesk. We are experienced in the industry’s leading tools and can implement a process based approach.  We can look at SLAs, response times and other metrics and devise strategies to improve stats and can make a structure which ensures an efficient, high quality help desk service.

Administrative Assistance

Need help with the administrative side of your business?  We can help you with various admin tasks depending on your needs, feel free to reach out and let us know what those may be and we’ll make a plan to help.


Commission Based Model

We are able to send you development opportunities, and connect your company with our clients looking for the services you provide. You may also send us any opportunities for support needs of your current clients. This would save money versus having your developers support your client’s product or service. We can negotiate a commission model for introductions that turn into new clients.

White-Label Support

You can hire our talented and affordable predominately native-english speakers to work for your company, and support the needs of your clients 24/7. This would save money versus having your developers support your client’s product or service. Our prices are competitive, starting at $70/Day for level-one support. We can have a conversation about the specific needs of the client, and pricing.


We are happy to have an initial 30 minute conversation to find out how we can add value to your business and how we could work together. Please book a time slot below. If you prefer, you may email tal@supportadventure.com.