Go beyond your local talent pool and save money without sacrificing quality. There are talented technicians all over the world. Let us help you build a great international team while saving half on your staff!


Support Adventure is a staffing company by expats for expats, living in places that inspire them. Our focus is helping MSPs like yours create solid teams by providing English-speaking staff who live in affordable cities worldwide. We currently have a team of over 90 staff spread across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


Helpdesk Technicians

Our technicians service your clients with whichever systems you use internally. We offer a cost effective way to expand your helpdesk by on-boarding real people who integrate into your organization as true members of your team.

Dedicated Afterhours Support

We can make a team that’s working when you’re not with our follow-the-sun staffing model. 

Documentation Services

Need help keeping your documentation in order? We can help you strengthen this aspect of your business in a way which uses as little of your time as possible.  We have also helped companies migrate to IT Glue.

Administrative Assistance

Need help with the non-technical side of your business?  We can help you with various admin tasks depending on your needs.


Dedicated - Full Time Staff

Have a technician follow all your internal procedures, just like someone working in your office. An individual will be on-boarded by us, and assigned only to you.


california, USA

A California-based MSP which has hired 5 technicians across 3 continents through Support Adventure for 24/7 Support and Daytime Helpdesk.

Oregon, USA

A Oregon-based MSP which has hired 4 technicians across 4 continents through Support Adventure for Dedicated Follow-the-Sun Staffing

london, uk

A London-based MSP staffed with 4 Support Adventure technicians in Europe & Asia for their UK Daytime and also using the 24/7 shared Helpdesk.

PRE-SCREENED & EASY TO BROWSE – We present candidates by sending over VIDEOS OF THEM and TICKET NOTES from project/VM TESTS they have done with us.  With Support Adventure you can see many candidates and FIND PEOPLE YOU LIKE before scheduling interviews.
Candidate presentations are sent over upon request. 


Having had experience in the operations department of a company that grew from 12-200 employees, Donovan knows how to get people working effectively. He also owns a hostel in Belgrade.

Donovan Bjorkman

Eric started his career in IT in Toronto in 1999. Since then, Eric has worked with over 20 MSPs and knows their pain points and what makes remote helpdesk staffing a success for everyone.

ERIC muth

Nick worked as a service delivery manager for an MSP in London that had over 40 employees and followed ITIL best practices. He brings process-based wisdom to improve the helpdesks of our clients.

Nick Ward


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