Most popular BEST MSP articles of 2021

When looking at the year 2021 in review, we can say it’s been a wild ride! With the changes in technology, the whole IT support sector and the ongoing pandemic, there was an increase of interest for remote work and virtual support.

We have been active in publishing content about the MSP space, and from all the articles we’ve written, the MSP articles that gained the most traction are about:

  1. Job descriptions and interview questions for MSPs 
  2. Documentation and systems procedures advice
  3. Scaling, branding and marketing insights

If you’ve missed any, here is your chance to take a look at our most popular articles in 2021!

# 10: What is the job description for an MSP service desk manager? 


Service desk managers look at the big picture. They employ systems with the aim of making the process of providing high quality support better and smoother.  

This manager role has an important influence on the end user experience, and as such, should be delegated to the right person. But which traits should a service desk manager possess? Find out this and more in our Service Desk Manager job description article!

#9: Why Outsourced MSP Help Desk is Not as Scary as you Think


On the fence about using MSP outsourced help desk support? 

Maybe you’re concerned about outsourced engineers adapting to the systems you have in place, working well inside your company’s environment, cyber security and other issues. 

As an MSP staffing agency, Support Adventure has provided staff for over 50 MSPs and provided them with the best engineers that fit right into their company’s structure. 

It didn’t cost them an arm and leg either. 

You should absolutely outsource MSP help desk support to a knowledgeable firm that can help take your business to the next level. 

Read about our MSP outsourced helpdesk to get some reassurances to get you down from that fence you’re on when you work with an outsourcing company (as long as they are the right ones for your business needs)!

#8: Why working at an MSP is AWESOME!


Let’s be honest, working at an MSP (Managed Service Provider) or any other help desk environment is tricky. In this dynamic setting, there are challenges that can come up in unexpected ways and places… 

Luckily, these challenges present a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve yourself and have a rollercoaster of fun and experience that is hard to find elsewhere! 

Buckle up and get ready for an adventure in this fast-paced, mind-expanding and lively community. Read about what it’s like to work at a modern MSP here!

#7: 7 Laws of MSP Helpdesk Scaling


Want the secrets to scaling your MSP help desk faster?

We have laid out below 7 laws of growing your IT services business in a way which gives you more freedom and autonomy over your time and schedule. 

At Support Adventure, we scaled our business to over 100 employees on 4 different continents in 3 years, all while our founder Eric managed his team from picturesque destinations like Thailand, South Africa, Canary Islands and more (you can follow his adventures and more MSP insights on our Youtube channel)! 

For our MSP Podcast, check out MSP Mountain channel.

#6:The Ultimate Guide to Improving Ticket Systems Note Writing for MSPs


Running an MSP without a ticket system note-taking strategy is a bad idea, and leads to problems for your customer, as well as your technicians. 

If you want to level up the automation of your help desk operations, you cannot do it without a ticket note strategy.

We’re going to share with you our top tips from our free ticket note guide, which you can get here

Read more in our article about ticketing system notes!

#5: What is the best documentation template for MSPs?


Running an MSP without the best documentation templates is severely going to hurt your business as you add on more employees and scale. We have consulted dozens of MSPs about how to improve their systems and structure their help desk, and we know that the best documentation for MSPs will include the following.

  • Ticketing system note procedures
  • Thorough escalation procedures
  • Specific details for notes and workflow rules
  • Systematization of tasks
  • Clear expectations, and specifically how to produce those expectations 

Learn more in the article about documentation templates!

#4: Connectwise Manage Overview for MSPs

When deciding which is the best PSA to use in your MSP, you have to consider ConnectWise Manage, which is arguably one of the most complete tools for running an MSP business on the market. 

With ConnectWise Manage and its numerous add-ons and integrations, you can log, process, review and report any activity involved in managing a modern MSP business. The included modules allow you to manage client users, agreements and billing and with an included service desk, time and expense tracking and project management functions. Additional modules offer full inventory and procurement management, integrated quote generation with ConnectWise Sell and full license management capabilities and integration with various RMM platforms. 

Read about all the advantages and disadvantages of ConnectWise here!

#3:  MSP Best Practices Guide 

Our MSP best practices guide has it all! An all-encompassing knowledge hub that provides the best results in your MSP.

Detailed information of the practices and how to implement them can be found here.

Communication policies, tips on hiring the best technicians, managers and dispatchers, how to on-board the right way and more is just a click away.  

#2: What to expect working for an MSP (Managed Service Provider)


If it’s your first time applying to work as an IT engineer for an MSP (managed service provider), you’re probably wondering what to expect if you get hired. 

Our founder Eric Muth here at Support Adventure, has a wealth of knowledge about MSP environments. He worked as a freelance remote IT technician for MSPs before starting his staffing company for MSPs.

He has seen it all in the MSP space, from both the perspective of the technician and that of the MSP that hires them.

After extracting the lessons from some of his experiences, we can now share what to expect working for an MSP.

#1: Example questions for a level 1 MSP technical support  interview

As the first point of contact for IT businesses, the role of a level 1 technician is a kind of a big deal! A level one tech must possess both knowledge and communication skills to solve issues successfully. So it’s important that one has the mindset to confidently tackle a wide range of problems and deliver fast, thorough and friendly service. 

In order to find such a dynamic individual, companies naturally need to conduct thorough interviews to gauge if someone can handle this role. Our article about Level 1 MSP interviews tells you how!

That concludes our list of the most popular articles in 2021! 

Thank you for being with us on this journey. Check out our MSP staffing services page if you’re an MSP looking for your next great remote hire.  

See you next year with more awesome content! 

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