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In the competitive MSP space, your clients can easily find another service provider if they feel like you aren’t treating them in the best possible way. So how can you know what’s the best way to treat your clients? 

By always listening to their feedback.

And how exactly do you listen to feedback from customers and staff to benefit your MSP?

  1. Create opportunities for a survey instead of waiting for a complaint to receive opinions about your service. 
  2. Offer Incentives like rewards for your staff when customers praise them.
  3. Don’t cut corners focusing solely on profit. Focus on the experience instead.
  4. Feelings are important… The best MSPs care about how their clients and staff feel at all times.
  5. Constantly listen to everybody by allowing your staff to express what they are or are not happy with.

A major key in creating a great MSP is to listen to all sides–the customer’s and the technicians’. You can constantly improve your service that way as both sides provide valuable insight into the direction you can take to improve your service or product.

As an MSP owner or service desk manager, you are constantly listening to everybody and making sure that their voice is heard. This is a crucial step in growing your MSP.

Implement client surveys instead of waiting for complaints

As the head of an MSP, you are in charge of the final word on your product. It is you that ultimately makes the hard decisions, which is why it can be easy to fall into the trap of not listening to the voices of those who aren’t decision makers. 

But you must remember, the MSP space is very competitive! There are a lot of rival companies  that can take away your clients, vendors and staff at the first sign of bad service from you. 

If you want to be a premium MSP, charge the premium price and have the absolute best staff working for you. Then you need to listen to team members and what they want out of the job. 

Whatever you do, just always remember these core tenants:

  • Truly listen to your staff. Find out what stresses them out, what they like about the job and how you can enable them to give the best service to the clients. Create the best environment for them. 
  • Truly listen to your clients and see how they perceive your service. What is their view on the process of working with you? Listen to what they like about sending an email as opposed to calling in an incident, or vice versa. And don’t forget to take notes on what they don’t like as well.  
MSP Help desk, customer satisfaction, client feedback

Don’t wait until a ball gets dropped before declaring a need for feedback. And don’t wait for a complaint to arrive before making modifications to your service.  

The onus is on you to reach out to your clients and find out how they are feeling about working with you. They will highly appreciate it.

We always suggest that when you sign on a new client, part of the deal should be that they give you a testimonial if everything works out. If they don’t want to do that, you can ask them why they don’t want to. Chances are the reason for that will be that you haven’t done something as well as you could.

But if you have proof of other glowing testimonials, they’ll feel more confident about agreeing to it. 

At Support Adventure, we’ve made this a practice with amazing results! We provide remote staff for MSPs, and potential clients have a bevy of our client testimonials to look through to help them preview how beneficial our service is.

Reward staff members who receive praise from customers 

Doling out rewards for positive feedback is a great incentivizer for getting technicians to maintain their A game. This helps you build a premium MSP who always has their eye on the ball in creating consistent great customer service. 

When you have happy staff working for happy clients, it’s easier for you to pay the wages techs demand and charge what you deserve for the amazing service you provide.

It’s so easy for business owners to get so focused on their finances or how many tickets are closed per day. 

But the thing that will make you MSP succeed more than anything is respecting the feelings that are involved. It’s the promises you’ve made to your staff and clients and whether or not you actually fulfill them. And having an internal culture that incentivizes people to give great service and rewards them helps keep the premium provider ball rolling.

Don’t cut corners focusing solely on profit

It’s important to listen to everybody to improve your service, and only then will the revenue follow. If you only think about how you can make the most money, you are going to be cutting corners on your staff’s well-being, service delivery and other things that make for a great service.

We don’t mean to come off as some sort of softy millennial, only focused on feelings. But it’s still so important to emphasize the effect of feelings and emotions in building a premium business.

Feelings are important because if you disregard their role in customer satisfaction, you will end up making decisions that benefit you and not your customers. Your clients will then be an easy target for other MSPs to poach, especially if your competitor takes better care of their staff and clients. 

MSP incentives, staff environment, help desk, customer satisfaction

The best MSPs know that feelings should be prioritized

Your MSP will have an easier time scaling when those associated with you feel a great sense of gratitude to be part of your company’s journey. You should constantly look at the experiences of everybody involved in order to rise above the other mediocre providers with a textbook service. 

If you need more one-on-one help with this, we provide consultation to MSPs looking to improve the operations of their helpdesk. We’ve provided this, as well as remote staff, to over 40 MSPs on four continents. You can click here to start a dialogue with us about improving your service.

Make your MSP a safe space for open communication 

We’ve kind of beat you over the head with this point throughout this article, but listening is truly the key to fruitful communication

And so to summarize, we’ve listed below the important questions you should ask yourself regarding feedback and the way to use it to improve your company.

  1. Why should you listen to your staff?

Because their feedback will help you improve your MSP’s environment. When your technicians are happy, they will be able to provide world class service to your clients, creating a chain of happiness. 

  1. Why should you listen to your clients?

Because the MSP space of customer acquisition is highly competitive. If your clients don’t feel cared for, and their opinions and feelings aren’t taken into consideration, they will turn around and go take their business elsewhere.

  1. What will make your MSP business succeed?

Creating open channels of communication for your staff and clients to express their concerns as well as what they enjoy in working with you. 

By integrating a feedback system and an open communication policy, your MSP will benefit immensely. You’ll see your revenue and customer satisfaction increase by putting a smile on your clients’ and staff’s faces! Get the ball rolling be learning more about our remote staffing services for MSPs today!

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