Support Adventure is an expat outsourcing company that provides people the opportunity to live and work in exciting cities worldwide while offering tech support online in a location independent manner.


We are a global remote working company which hires people living in affordable and vibrant places around the world to work online. We have staff in Europe, Asia, and South America.


Our Founder, Eric, grew up in Toronto, Canada. He moved to Belgrade in 2013 with a remote job working for an IT support company in London, England. Falling in love with the European lifestyle, his wage gave him a superior standard of living while the company who hired him also saved money compared to hiring someone in London. Realizing the opportunity, Eric started hiring and training likeminded people to work remote jobs for MSPs. Fast forward to today and Support Adventure now has over 30 staff spread across 3 continents working for more than 12 MSPs in the Anglosphere.


We are looking for strong English speakers like you, who have found interesting lives abroad, and want to find a way to stay. Ideally, you have some technical background, however we are willing to train those that show potential. The specific requirements for opportunities largely depend on client needs.


Work from home, co-working spaces or cafes

You are in control of where you work. As long as you have a strong internet connection, power, and a quiet setting, you have full flexibility.

Live in exciting destinations

Support Adventure gives you the opportunity to live in exciting international places like Chiang Mai, Medellin, and Belgrade. Move wherever you want. Live a lifestyle of exploration that you wouldn’t experience from typical careers in your home country.

Be part of a dynamic team

Our staff are dotted around the world, many of us are creative artists, musicians, and content creators. You will be part of a global community of contractors who may be in the same city as you.


When I first moved to Belgrade, I started teaching English, but it’s not what I had in mind. Then I discovered Support Adventure, and it gave me the flexibility, income, and means to have the standard of life I wanted here.
What I like about the company is everyone has some cool hobby that’s creative, like being a DJ, or in a band. I love working with expats that have all this creative energy to them, that they also bring to the company.
I enjoy working from home because it offers solitude, and time and ability to concentrate. The best thing about working with Support Adventure is feeling like you’re not part of a company, but part of a little family.
Network Engineer
I was born in Serbia, then moved to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Peru. Working with Support Adventure is great, because it’s very flexible, which is what I need being a single mom.
Sales Lead Generation


All your questions, answered

We’re looking for people who have found interesting lives abroad, who have a certain amount of discipline, who could work from home with a certain level of focus, and who want to make their dream of living in that place while working remotely. We value authenticity, trustworthiness, and strong communication skills in English.

It’s great if you have experience with IT, troubleshooting technical problems, are computer savvy (i.e. reinstalling operating systems, taking computers apart, set up new routers etc.).

It’s your ability to learn fast and solve problems that we are most interested in. If you think you would excel in solving technical issues, we invite you to apply regardless of your specific experience.

All of our current opportunities are in English. If you are a native english speaker, you might already have a certain level of communication that is in-line with the customer experience expectations. However, even if you are not a native english speaker, we do not discriminate as long as you excel in communicating.

When you apply for Support Adventure, you are entering yourself into our database of contractors. We are like a matchmaking service, since we are talking to companies about their various needs (what type of technician, skills, business hours, etc.), then we look at our database to see who might be the best fit. Once we find a fit, we set up an interview. It doesn’t always happen fast and we appreciate your patience in this process.

We’re always looking for new companies and contractors, and are hiring constantly. You are free to follow up with us, to know if you are currently being considered for a position and what the time frame might be for that.

Generally, you start off as the front line of support for people that have computer problems. You may remotely control the client’s computers, and see what you can do to remedy their problem. You might already know what to do, have to do some research, or delegate the problem to someone present if needed. The specific activities largely depend on our clients, and during the onboarding process we will equip you with everything you need to get started.

We don’t discriminate based on nationality for applicants. Sometimes our clients have preferences based on their security needs, in order to be cleared to have access to client systems. Regardless of your nationality, we invite you to apply with Support Adventure, and if you are a capable applicant we will do everything we can to present you as a trustworthy candidate to our clients.

We like to conduct training in person, if possible. You can travel around, however we do take not being able to deliver on the contracted schedule very seriously. We ask that you make all necessary arrangements to be in a place that has stable internet, power, and a quiet place to make calls.

With contractors, we work on a day-worked, day-paid basis. You are paid the gross amount for all the days worked, and are responsible to pay your own taxes to the jurisdiction you fall under.

Remote work is a lot more flexible in terms of how you work. Some of our contracts require you to be on the phone, which requires a quiet working space. There is no need to commute to work 2 hours a day, as you can work where you want to. You also get to enjoy the solitude of peace and quiet, or excitement of co-working spaces.

If you have kids, you can work from home, and be there for their lives.

Finally, you have the flexibility and freedom to travel – why not rent a villa in Greece for a week and work from there!

Join the team

The application takes approximately 10-20 minutes.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at jobs@supportadventure.com