Top-tier service desk technicians are highly sought-after but can be tricky to attract. In failing to hire these high-skilled individuals, MSPs miss out on quality staff that can improve their service desk like no other techs could.

Difficulties in sourcing and qualifying the best among high-tier candidates properly hinder the hiring process. Not being able to identify, communicate with, and onboard more senior staff properly are the most common obstacles MSPs face.

At Support Adventure, we recognized these issues over the 7 years during which we’ve been working with MSPs globally on improving their help desk. We have rich experience in hiring top-tier IT technicians, especially in roles requiring more expertise.

An IT Level 3 professional man in a suit walking among servers in a server room.

In this comprehensive guide, pinpointed the weaknesses in the hiring process and organized our insights into actionable steps MSPs can take to ensure they are making the most out of bringing the best talent onboard!

Mistakes MSPs Make When Looking For Top-Tier Help Desk Technicians

Working with providing the best staff to MSPs since 2016, we are in a unique position where we have developed a deep awareness of the blind spots both MSPs and IT technicians have.

More senior technicians can sometimes need to improve their communication skills, be more diplomatic when talking to other staff and clients, and keep documentation better. For those reasons, MSPs need to test for these important traits when looking for top-tier help desk technicians.

When it comes to MSPs blind spots in hiring IT level 3 staff, they are related to several points:

  • Not Realizing It’s the Candidate Market:  With the rise of remote work and the global talent pool, candidates have more options than ever before.
  • Not Knowing What to Look For: It’s essential to understand the specific skills and attributes that make a Level 3 technician stand out. 
  • Not Interviewing Properly: The interview process should be a two-way street, where both parties assess the potential fit.
  • Not Communicating as Equals: Top-tier technicians have a wealth of experience and should be treated with respect and professionalism.
  • Not Placing in Proper Roles: Ensure that the role aligns with the technician’s skills and career aspirations.
  • Not Looking Beyond Technical Skills: Soft skills, cultural fit, and adaptability are equally important.

What is the Role of IT Level 3 Help Desk Technicians?

Top-tier help desk technicians are equipped with the experience and skills that allow them to work on projects that affect the MSPs organization as a whole. 

IT Level 3 Technician Job Description

Level 3 technicians frequently have particular knowledge in data analytics, cloud computing, or cybersecurity. They can come up with, implement, and improve procedures that can improve the way an MSP organization functions as a whole.

A Level 3 IT Technician’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Diagnosing and resolving complex software issues.
  • Mentoring and guiding Level 1 and Level 2 technicians.
  • Collaborating with other departments to ensure seamless IT operations.
  • Implementing and managing advanced IT projects.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices in the industry.
  • Ensuring thorough documentation of solutions and processes.
  • Setting up servers, or debugging sophisticated network problems. 
  • Resolving escalated tickets.

Why are High-Tier Support Technicians Important?

IT Level 3 Support Technicians play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of an organization’s IT infrastructure. 

Their expertise is crucial in:

  1. Minimizing downtime by resolving intricate issues swiftly.
  2. Enhancing the overall efficiency of the IT support team by mentoring junior technicians.
  3. Ensuring that IT projects are executed to the highest standards.
  4. Providing strategic insights based on their vast technical knowledge.

How to Hire IT Level 3 Support Technicians?

More senior engineers have great technical knowledge and experience that has the potential to transform your helpdesk.

However, it does not suffice for them to be technically capable but also have great communication skills and be a team player. Understanding what the ideal candidate looks like and what are they looking for in return puts you on the right track to hiring a great high-level technician.

A woman working on her laptop remotely, surrounded by screens, focused on her work.

The process of hiring an IT Level 3 Technician is complex. Many steps need to be taken correctly to ensure the best hire for your MSP help desk. For the sake of presenting the jist of it, and a more robust implementation, we will talk about the 3 large groups in the process MSPs should pay attention to.

When hiring a top-tier service desk technicians, MSPs should:

  1. Know what to look for
  2. Interview properly
  3. Make an attractive offer

Know how to identify the best high-tier tech for your help desk:

It’s crucial to understand the specific skills and attributes that make a Level 3 technician a good fit for your MSP. They should possess advanced technical knowledge, be adept at troubleshooting complex issues, and have the experience to work on projects that affect the organization as a whole. 

It is equally important that they are a team player, can communicate well with staff and clients, and someone you would genuinely enjoy working with!

Interview professionally and focus on both the technical and soft skills:

The interview process should be a two-way street. It’s important to assess the candidate’s fit for the role, but also to allow them to assess their fit with the organization. Respectful and professional communication is key.

Make an attractive offer:

Given it’s the candidate’s market, it’s important to make an offer that is competitive and appealing when hiring highly experienced and skilled staff. This includes not just the salary but also the work environment, opportunities for growth, and other benefits.

Be mindful when onboarding your new high-tier help desk technician: 

Proper onboarding is crucial for ensuring that the newly hired technician integrates well into the team and understands their role and responsibilities. This includes not just technical onboarding but also cultural integration.

1. What to Look for in IT Level 3 Service Desk Technicians?

It’s important to note that high-level IT technicians come to a crossroads in their careers where they choose one of 2 paths:

  1. The management path
  2. The technical path

The decision does not have to be black and white but knowing where your candidate stands is helpful when hiring them. No matter the path they are taking, they must be a team player, communicate well, and not look down on people.

Top-tier IT technicians rarely go down the management path, making these super-intelligent IT wizards often operate as lone wolves. This can make them a bit insensitive to techs who are not as skilled or knowledgeable as they are.

Check for soft skills by presenting the candidates with real-life problems you encounter in your MSP and see how they would solve them and communicate that to the clients!

Knowing which path high-tier IT technicians are on can help you sustain the technician’s passion by giving them projects that will fulfill their need to develop further – for mutual benefit.

At this point, it’s good to get to know your high-tier candidate more. Ask them what started that spark of love for working in IT. Ask them about their aspirations – Why would they rather work at an MSP than run their own business? It could be that the economic situation in their area is not good or they are sick of freelancing, or maybe they want a remote job! 

A futuristic looking office with glass screens, and holographic projections.

This will give you a sense of what they value most. Knowing what they value will help you create the most attractive offer and ensure the candidate will indeed be a good fit for your MSP!

Your ideal candidates should be excellent communicators! Diplomatic in talking with clients, able to present situations from the business side, and understanding what’s good for the clients and the business. These are the traits to look for. If they possess them, they are someone you can trust to do the client-facing resource. 

Someone intelligent, creative, and willing to adapt would be the best fit for your MSP. Rather than asking for specific credentials, look for real-life, transferable experience! 

Individuals like these can easily pick up new knowledge and work with specific systems and software in your MSP. To be able to do that, they should be good at following procedures as well – making sure they keep documentation properly, utilize ticketing systems, and are well organized altogether. 

Are they taking ownership of their decision? How well are they at keeping documentation? Check for those traits.

What should MSPs focus on when hiring a Level 3 IT Technician?

Summarized, this checklist can serve when creating your action plan on finding, interviewing, and hiring the best top-tier staff for your MSP:

  • Technical Proficiency: Ensure they have a deep understanding of various IT systems and technologies.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Their ability to think critically and resolve complex issues.
  • Communication: Their capability to explain intricate technical details in simple terms.
  • Teamwork: Their willingness to collaborate and share knowledge.
  • Documentation: Ensure they’re committed to keeping thorough documentation.
  • Continuous Learning: Their enthusiasm for staying updated with the latest in the tech world.

2. What are High-Tier Technicians Looking for in an MSP?

High-tier technicians are looking for MSPs who respect their experience and know how to put it to good use. They value environments where they can contribute meaningfully, have growth opportunities, and work on challenging projects. 

They also appreciate MSPs who recognize the importance of work-life balance and provide a supportive and collaborative work culture. One of the main reasons a high-level IT tech would rather work with an MSP than have his own company is the peace of mind being an employee (rather than an owner of a company) brings.

3. How to Interview Level 3 IT Support Technicians?

When interviewing high-tier IT support technicians, it’s important to focus on both technical and soft skills. At the same time, having a peer-to-peer discussion about these traits ensures an atmosphere of respect and trust, making the interviewing experience a pleasure for both sides.

An open, spacious office where people are working and discussing in the background. In the foreground, a job interview is being conducted.

In practice, you can ask about their experience with complex technical issues, their approach to problem-solving, and how they stay updated with industry trends. Also, inquire about their communication skills, teamwork, and ability to mentor junior technicians. It’s crucial to ensure they can fit into the company culture and work effectively within the team.

Make time to really get to know them.

Remember, these people will be an important part of your organization, preferably, work with the ones whose company you will sincerely enjoy!

See things from your interviewee’s point of view!

Top-tier help desk techs appreciate direct communication. Talking to them as peers is crucial. Being highly sought after, these skilled individuals don’t appreciate the traditional style of interviewing where it can feel like they are being looked down upon.

Post-Interview Relationship Building:

Remember, the relationship doesn’t end with the interview. If the candidate is a good fit, fostering a friendly and professional relationship post-hiring is beneficial for long-term collaboration.

By following these guidelines, you can conduct effective interviews that not only assess the candidate’s technical abilities but also ensure they are the right fit for your team and company culture.

What Not to Do When Interviewing High-Level Technicians

Interrogation-style interviewing is the worst approach when interviewing, especially high-level technicians. With advanced technical skills, these candidates can bring great value to your organization and they know it! Being interrogated leaves a bad taste in the interviewee’s mouth.

Make it a dialogue where you exchange ideas instead.

How Can We Ensure a Cultural Fit in an Interview?

It’s vital to get along with potential hires on a cultural level. While business comes first, fostering a friendly relationship post-hiring can be beneficial.

Ensure the interview process is friendly and respectful!

Key Takeaways – Hiring IT Level 3 Help Desk Technician:

Don’t Limit Your Candidate Selection by Credentials: Sometimes, the best candidate might not have specific experience in the technologies you’re using. It’s their ability to learn and adapt that’s more crucial.

Ensure Mutual Respect During the Hiring Process: Treat potential hires as equals and ensure they feel valued.

Look Beyond Technical Skills When Interviewing Top-Tier Help Desk Technicians: Soft skills, cultural fit, and the ability to work as part of a team are just as essential as technical acumen. They should be someone you enjoy both working and spending time outside work with.

Text Summary on How To Hire Top-Tier Help Desk Technicians

Role Advanced technical knowledge, last line of defense in IT support, works on projects affecting the organization.
ImportanceNot recognizing it’s a candidate market, unclear hiring criteria, improper interviewing, lack of proper communication, misalignment of roles, and focusing solely on technical skills.
Common Mistakes in HiringKnow what to look for, make an attractive offer, conduct proper interviews, and be mindful when onboarding.
Hiring Process StepsKnow what to look for, make an attractive offer, conduct proper interviews, be mindful when onboarding.
Attributes of IT Level 3 TechniciansAdvanced technical knowledge, team player, excellent communication, adaptability, commitment to documentation, continuous learning.
Top-Tier Technicians’ ExpectationsMinimize downtime, enhance team efficiency, execute IT projects to high standards, and provide strategic insights.
Interviewing TipsExpertise in aligning candidates with company culture and values, guidance, and support in the hiring process.
Ensuring Cultural FitFriendly interview process, fostering post-hiring relationships.
Key TakeawaysRespect for experience, meaningful contribution, growth opportunities, work-life balance, and supportive culture.
Contact Support AdventureWe can enrich your MSP helpdesk with vetted remote IT Level 3 Technicians, ensuring seamless integration, continuous management, and increased productivity.

Watch this video by our founder, Eric, for more information on interview tips on hiring IT level 3 Technicians for your MSP!

You can read Eric’s in-depth insight into MSPs blind spots here.

Want to Hire IT Level 3 Technicians? Contact Support Adventure

Our expertise lies in not only identifying candidates with exceptional technical skills but also ensuring they align with your company’s culture and values. We’ve been working with more than 50 MSPs, providing the best staff since 2016, and would love you to become one of our satisfied clients!

 If you’re looking to hire great high-tier service desk technicians who can truly make a difference in your organization, visit our MSP Staffing Services page to get the ball rolling. We’re here to provide you with the guidance, support, and know-how needed to make the hiring process seamless and successful.

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