People are the core of our business and we have spent years perfecting our process to find and hire the best technicians. We currently have a roster of talented technicians spread across the world in Southeast Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Here is our process to ensure that our clients always get a great hire with Support Adventure, the MSP Staffing Company:

1. Locate Great Staff

We locate and identify potential candidates across many online and physical environments. Online, we use Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Posts, Google Ads, Organic Search (SEO Optimizations), AngelList, Email Strategies, Newsletters, Word-of-mouth, and presence at tech events all around the world.

Due to the fact that we hire around the world, we are not geographically limited in our search and are able to tap into an unlimited pool of technicians globally.

2. Interview + Screen


A technician is entered into our recruitment process once they fill out a form that gives us an idea of their experience, background, personality, and potential. This acts as the first filter.

Initial Video Interview

When we see potential in an applicant who has filled out the form, we invite them for a video interview with our HR Manager. This gives us a much better idea of a candidate’s potential on the help desk.

Technical Interview

We occasionally invite applicants to have a more thorough interview with our Service Delivery Manager or Contract Manager.

Background + Reference Check

Our HR Team verifies the references, and processes a background check for the applicant, depending on business needs.

3. Training Checklist

After the interviews and screening, we ensure that our applicants are familiar with the technologies and techniques commonly found in the MSP space. We give them resources to get up to date with any basic or key areas that they have not previously experienced.

4. Virtualized Testing Environment

After the training checklist, we put our applicants in real problem-solving situations and see how their troubleshooting and research abilities can translate into results in solving tickets. Candidates prove their ability to actually resolve issues and take concise ticket notes of their process.

5. Onboarding Process

We have a call to collect info about your PSA, RMM & documentation systems, learn about your company culture, communication practices, escalation policies, and more. Our HR Manager collects and prepares all the documents needed. We ensure that all system logins and workflows are ready for Day 1, so we can get your new technician solving tickets as soon as possible.

Ready to Start!

Your MSP now has a trained adventurer ready to start on your helpdesk to service your end clients. Our HR Manager and Contract Manager check in with the technician to ensure they are always there and have the tools + knowledge needed to deliver great results.

Scalability as you grow

Once you onboard one technician with us, we can easily replicate the process and scale your team as needed with the documentation and knowledge we have already acquired from you.

If you have any questions about our hiring process, or want to get in touch about opportunities for your MSP, you can Contact Us or email [email protected]


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