Your guide for how to become a digital nomad.

2020 and all it’s pandemic non-glory is almost over. Hooray! 

So it’s time to get a head start on becoming a digital nomad as more travel destinations open up heading into 2021.

If the question of how to become a digital nomad is still nagging you, we have listed below all the things you can do to become a nomad. 

Become a digital nomad by taking your skillset online

The secret to becoming a digital nomad is simply understanding that anything that can be done in the office can also be done online. 

Hopefully the entire world has learned this lesson after a pandemic.

In pursuing online opportunities, you should make a list with your work experience, your skills and get clear on what you would like to do online. 

You can get started doing this by writing down things like: 

  1. Your work history
  2. Your skillset
  3. Your extracurricular work, activities and hobbies
  4. Your favorite things about your current and past jobs
  5. Your least favorite things about your current and past jobs
  6. What skills you have the most confidence in
Use your skills, work experience and hobbies to become a digital nomad.

We promise this exercise will come in handy in the next sections

Preparing this list will help you have an understanding of what you truly want to do. You should pursue online a career you actually want

Afterall, the benefit of working online is that you can create more harmony with how you spend your time.  What you do for work is just as important as what you do outside of working hours. 

Pursue opportunities in thriving online industries and niches

At this point, every industry has some online task that must be performed. But if you really want to make it as a digital nomad, you might want to hone in on some the following industries:

  • Tech & Start-up
  • Online Education
  • IT
  • E-Commerce
  • Visual and Graphic Design
  • Internet Marketing
  • Internet Sales
  • Social Media 

By the way, you don’t have to be a developer to work in tech. You don’t have to be a product creator to work in e-commerce. 

All of these industries need valuable people like yourself who are skilled in departments like HR, administration, operations, marketing… Even being a virtual assistant can get you a job in one of these industries. You must remain open-minded.

A remote job is the easiest way to way to become a digital nomad

A The easiest way to become a digital nomad is to simply find a remote job.

A good place to start is with a remote staffing company. 

They are still relatively new, which is why we at Support Adventure are proud to be one of the few for those of you stuck figuring out how to become a digital nomad.

We deeply understand your goals and lifestyle, as everyone we hire tends to be nomadic. 

Many people we hired tried things like online teaching,  freelancing and other ideas that caused them burnout or not reaching their dreams. 

This is a huge reason why companies like ours exist; because people should still be able to have a normal job–just performed online. 

We are always hiring, so feel free to apply by clicking here. 

Other ways to find a remote job are to:

  1. Search on Facebook for remote job groups and travel groups.
  2.  Use online job boards.
  3. Look out for job ads from companies on social media.
  4. Follow small businesses online.

We have another post all about how to find a remote job for digital nomads, so check that out. 

When applying through a remote staffing company or any company, make sure they seem like the kind of business that would be understanding of your  digital nomad spirit.

They should promote and enjoy remote working and encourage their employees to work from anywhere on any continent

You can get a read on whether a company does this or not by: 

  • Reading the “About” page on the company’s website. 
  • Checking out articles they have on their site.
  • Looking at their Linkedin page.
  • Reading testimonials from clients and staff members.
  • Looking at their social media, like Instagram and Youtube. While you’re at it, feel free to check out our Youtube channel

When a company is understanding about your digital nomad lifestyle, then you don’t have to live with guilt or shame for wanting to travel. 

Pitch to 100 companies you want to work

When our founder Eric started his digital nomad journey in Belgrade, he made a list of more than 100 IT companies in London he wanted to work remotely for. 

He sent those companies a short introduction email pitching his services. Luckily, one of them wrote back and Eric was able to start his life in Belgrade. 

You can do the same! 

Make a list of companies you are interested in working for, and pitch to them why they should let you work for them remotely. 

Here are some tips for getting impressing a potential employer:

  • Send them a video CV to really stand out.
  • Explain how working remotely would benefit them.
  • Propose a trial so that they can ease into the idea.
  • Email many companies to raise your chances of one saying yes.
  • Find angles as to why you working remotely could be cost-effective.
  • Propose solutions and softwares that will help your boss track your work online
  • Send follow-up emails.

Many companies might not respond. Some will flat out say ‘no.’ So just keep pushing along until you get that breakthrough. 

Freelancing is a common way to become a digital nomad

Freelancing is a great way to become a digital nomad if you are really hell bent on working for yourself and have a skill you can charge clients for.

Freelancing is a reliable way to become a digital nomad.

Some common freelance jobs are:

  • Writer
  • Video editor
  • Virtual assistant
  • Digital/Internet marketer 
  • Web developer
  • Teacher
  • Graphic designer
  • Photography and videography

Whatever your skill is, whether common or not, you can charge clients for it. 

This is where you should go back to your list of skills, work experience and activities to see what you feel confident offering as a service. 

Some things you will need to help you win over potential clients are:

  1. LinkedIn – This helps in looking professional and trustworthy to clients and it is also good for networking in your industry.
  2. Website and portfolio – You need a website to show off the work you’ve done and show off the happy clients who have raved about you. 
  3. Rates and service menu – You need to figure out how much to charge your clients and different options or packages they can choose from if they decide to work with you. 
  4. Business card – It doesn’t hurt to have a business card as you can meet people at events or other random social settings.

How and where to find freelance opportunities, you ask?

There are websites you can use to advertise your services, as well as other strategies. So try the following: 

Freelance/Side Gig WebsitesOther Strategies
UpworkSend emails to companies pitching your service.  
FiverrUse Facebook groups to find opportunities in your industry.
FreelancerContact companies through social media or to pitch your services.  
FlexJobs Network on LinkedIn or join groups there to pitch your services to other members.

Just remember to be patient with the process of acquiring clients. It takes time to get on a roll with converting decision-makers and building your portfolio. 

Become a digital nomad by starting an online business

Having your own business is the most autonomous method to become a digital nomad” question.

The main perks of having a business are:

  1. You are your own boss with complete control over your day.
  2. You have complete authority over your schedule and the budgeting of your time.
  3. You are on no one else’s deadline but your own.
  4. No one can fire you!
Online entrepreneurs work all around the world as digital nomads.

As established with the previous points, any skill can be done online. 

With a business, you can bottle up your specialty into a product or service. 

If you are dying to have complete authority over your work life, and you feel driven and emboldened enough to solve a problem in your industry, business could be for you. 

The reality of starting a business however is that it is often not an overnight success story. 

Starting a thriving business typically requires years of effort. 

You have to be prepared for the pursuit to take longer in reality than it did in your head when you first dreamt up the idea. 

So before you jump in feet first, ask yourself these questions? 

  • Why do I NEED to have a business?
  • What problem is my product solving in my industry? How can I test the product/service? 
  • Are there other products/services like mine that validate that it can work?
  • Will I give up if my goals with starting a business are achieved 6 months later than I anticipated? 
  • Will I give up if my goals with starting a business are achieved a year or more later than I anticipated? 
  • Do I really have the work ethic to work on my business everyday in order to launch?
  • Do I really have the energy to do the boring, exhausting work of learning and implementing marketing and sales strategies to acquire clients or customers?
  • Is the alternative to starting a business really SO BAD–end of the world bad?

If the answer to the last question is yes, and you feel confident in your business pursuit from answering the other questions, then we truly wish you the best of luck with it! 

We have another post about running a business from anywhere in the world! Be sure to check that out. 

Creating content online can help you become a digital nomad

Full-time content creators are the new wave of digital nomads.

We’re sure by now, you’re familiar with social media and you know that lots of  people have managed to become internet famous.

But content creation is more about creating a community online around your topic or niche.

This is a great way to become a digital nomad because you can earn money from your content.

Creating content is not just limited to Youtube, Facebook and Instagram either. You can create content with a website, blog or podcast as well.

And before you ask the question… 


You do not need millions of subscribers worshipping your pretty clothes and liking your lip syncing to make money through content.

Actually, here are ways to make money from content that work even when your following is smaller:

  1. Creating products or providing services to your community.
  2. Earning affiliate commissions for products and services you recommend to your community. 
  3. Earning money through fan funding, such as Patreon. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an oil painter, a hypnotist, or a yogee. There is space for your content online and a community that you can provide value to.  

2021 is your year to become a digital nomad! Heed the advice we gave you and it will happen.

Which route are you going to try to become a digital nomad and why? Let us know in the comments below.


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