We need to let you in on a secret… There is no such thing as a “digital nomad visa” in Turkey! However, there is a way to obtain a year-long tourist visa that will allow you to live a worry-free and exciting nomadic life in the delightful land of Turkey!

You can get a “digital nomad visa” in Turkey by applying for a residence permit. To apply for the permit you are required to either rent an apartment for a year, enroll in a university or sign up for a language program. Along with paying a small tax, you will need to have patience because it can take from two weeks to three months to get your year long visa. Search for a good visa office that will help you through the process or find useful info on Turkey’s official website

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Saying that, the first thing you should do when arriving in Turkey is enjoy it! The best place to start would be Istanbul since it’s perfect for first time digital nomads. It’s important to figure out which part of the country and in which neighbourhood you would like to live in, since it will be a crucial part in obtaining a long term visa in Turkey. 

What documents are required for a long term visa in Turkey?

The documentation requirements vary depending on the way you choose to get your year long visa. 

A tested way is to rent an apartment for a year. Going that way, you will need the accommodation contract as the most important document. This path may take more time to obtain. 

Another way is to apply for a scholarship or enroll into a local university! In this case, the school will request a long-term visa in your name. 

Before you decide, you can go to Turkey’s official government website to find out the entry visa requirements for your country of origin and learn more about obtaining a long-term visa.

In case you choose to rent an apartment for a year, you will need

  1. The completed Turkish tourist visa application form.
  2. Your valid passport or another travel document.
  3. Two photographs in accordance with the Turkish visa photograph requirements.
  4. Statement of income or savings
  5. Travel insurance
  6. Travel Itinerary
  7. Proof of accommodation

Make sure you gather all the necessary information BEFORE you submit your application since you will have 30 days to complete it after first applying.

Go to the official website to find the form:

Entry visa requirements

Residency permit/tourist visa

How to get a digital nomad visa in Turkey?
How much does it cost to get a long term visa in Turkey?

Turkey is a place that offers a high-value lifestyle for a relatively low cost. To see for yourself, use this useful website to compare the cost of living between any 2 cities in the world.

In the same spirit, the cost of applying for a long-term visa in Turkey is pretty affordable. 

The funny thing is, if you have to pay for the entry-visa, you will pay way less than the residence of countries that do not have to pay to enter Turkey!

Prices for getting a long term visa in Turkey vary depending on the country the applicant is from. They range from USD 25 to USD 200. Other expenses include taking the biometric photos, insurance and notary fees for your residential contract. 

If you want to make the process smoother and avoid miscommunication (since a lot of Turksih people don’t speak fluent English) consider hiring an agency that will assist you with the application. We highly recommend Istanbul’s Foreigns Office!

This will be an additional cost but will put your mind at ease so you can enjoy beautiful Turkey worry-free! 

how much does it take to get a digital nomad visa in Turkey?

How long does it take to get a long term visa in Turkey?

Starting the application process on time is crucial.  Getting to know the city, choosing a place to stay and getting a sense of your expenses is a priority. 

  • Getting ready

You will have around 2 months to organize and prepare for applying for your long term visa. Don’t get carried away though! Bureaucracy in Turkey can move slowly and you should make room for unexpected setbacks.

  • Actual process

The process of applying for a long term visa in Turkey can take a week or two. Renting out the apartment, getting your picture taken, transferring the house bills to your name and similar tasks are required prior to applying. Once you have that all set you are ready to submit your application.

  • Receiving the card

After gathering the documents and applying, the waiting game begins. Depending on where you apply, you can wait up to 3 months to get your long term digital nomad visa. 

For that time you will not be able to exit Turkey in case your original (short term) visa expired.

TIPS AND TRICKS – If you want the process to be faster, apply in a smaller city! 

how long does it take to get a digital nomad visa in Turley?

Can you stay over a year in Turkey with a digital nomad visa?

Yes! You can stay more than a year in Turkey. Before your yearly visa expires you can apply for another year the same way you initially did. It is that easy!

In case you decide to try another way of staying long term in Turkey, you can search for scholarships or apply for a turkish language course.

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