In the MSP staffing world, being different isn’t just about being visible; it’s about being memorable and becoming the go-to choice for your clients. If you do this right, this personal touch won’t just make you another choice; it will make you the only choice for that particular type of client. 

Overview of the current MSP market landscape

The MSP market today is more crowded than a subway train during rush hour. Every spot is taken, and the crowd’s jostling for a bit of elbow room. This congestion makes it tough for any MSP staffing company to stand out. But it’s not impossible.

MSP Staffing

Finding great customers can be a challenge. It’s good to be creative in your search but simultaneously go for data-backed options that can benefit you. New businesses can be one of them! According to the Channel Futures survey, “62% of MSPs Expect to Grow Primarily from New Business in 2022”. In the same study, it is stated that among the 125 global MSPs of all sizes that participated, “Two in five MSPs expressed concern that limited time and resources impede finding new business.” This can be the case with finding great staff for your MSP staffing services team as well! You can get in touch with Support Adventure staffing to hire top technicians for day and after-hours shifts, saving time and money resources and allocating them to where it’s needed. 

This article aims to be your guide through the busy crowd, helping you become the go-to choice for clients by differentiating your MSP effectively!

The importance of differentiation in a competitive industry

In a sea of MSPs offering similar services, differentiation means offering a flavor that no one else does. It’s about finding your niche, whether that’s in providing unparalleled customer service, specializing in a specific industry, or leveraging the latest technologies before anyone else does. By doing so, you’re not just another fish in the sea; you’re the one that swims against the current, catches the eye, and becomes the talk of the ocean.

What will you learn

By the end of this article, you will have a thorough, far-reaching understanding of the necessary elements needed to stand out from the crowd. With the freshly gained knowledge, you will be inspired to confidently start growing your business with an increased goal-oriented focus and vigor.

To achieve that, you will learn about the basic elements regarding:

  1. Your MSP services as a unique entity, and how to utilize its’ strengths – Unique Value Proposition (UVP), Specialisation in Niche Markets, Advantages of Technology, and Innovation.
  2. Outward-focused strategies – involving making the right partnerships and networking, catering to your customers with exceptional customer service, branding, and marketing objectives.
  3. Creating a pricing model that fits your goals.
  4. THE MUST-HAVE priority all clients are intensely seeking in contemporary digital spaces.

Understanding Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

When it comes to your product – the services you offer, thinking about their quality is not enough. Even though high-quality service is essential, we can not assume that it alone will bring clients to your door. This is where a bit of marketing steps in. 

Defining a UVP for Your MSP Staffing Company

Unique Value Proposition is the cornerstone in successfully communicating value to your potential clients – in a way they instantly understand the benefits of working with you!

Your UVP is your superpower. What can you do that others can’t? Maybe it’s your lightning-fast response times, your all-star MSP staffing team, or perhaps your unparalleled MSP support services. 

Identifying unique strengths and services

Identifying what makes your MSP unique is like finding your cape in a world of uniform suits. It’s what sets you apart and makes clients choose you over the competition. Take a look at what part of your service gets complimented the most, and what you are the proudest about and you will be on your way to defining your UVP.

A good example from MK Consulting shows that UVP should be based on client benefits, identifying the problem, providing solutions, and then addressing potential objections for a strong position. 

Specialization in Niche Markets

You can further the value your MSP brings to customers by specializing in a niche. Imagine you’re a chef specializing in gluten-free cakes in a city filled with bakeries. Your specialty makes you the go-to choice for a specific group of customers. 

Similarly, by specializing in niche markets, your MSP can become the expert in areas less trodden. This can be a great selling point.

msp specialization

Specialization is a key strategy for businesses like MSP staffing (Managed Service Providers) and BSPs (Business Service Providers) for several reasons:

Builds stronger customer relationships: By focusing on a specific group, businesses can really get to know what their customers need and face, making customers more likely to stick around.

Less competition: When you choose a niche, you’re not fighting with every other business out there. It’s easier to stand out and grab a piece of the market.

Become the expert: Specializing means you get really good at what you do, making your business the go-to place for certain services.

Identifying lucrative niches with less competition

How do you identify lucrative niches? To make specialization work, businesses need to pick the right niche. Here’s how:

  • Use what you know: Pick an area you’re already familiar with so you can offer expert services right away.
  • Solve real problems: Look for common issues your customers are dealing with that you can fix.
  • Check the market: Make sure there are enough people who need what you’re offering and that the area you choose is growing.

Becoming an expert in a specific sector or technology

Whether it’s healthcare, finance, or any other sector, knowing the ins and outs of a specific industry can set your MSP staffing company apart from those with a broader, less focused approach!

In simple terms, specializing helps businesses form better connections, face less competition, and become top in their field by carefully choosing and serving a specific group of customers.

Leveraging Advanced Technology and Innovation

Staying ahead with cutting-edge solutions

Staying ahead in technology is like being the first to catch the wave in surfing. It’s thrilling, it sets you apart, and it requires constant vigilance and readiness to adapt! 

Investing in research and development

For MSPs, this might mean investing in the latest cybersecurity measures or cloud technologies. Showcasing your commitment to innovation not only attracts clients looking for cutting-edge solutions but also positions your MSP staffing services as a leader in the field.

Technological differentiators in MSPs

According to the Wikipedia article, a technology stack is “The protocol stack or network stack is an implementation of a computer networking protocol suite or protocol family.” It is wise to implement and follow a standardized set of protocols and having a good technology stack (and you can find out how for your remote environment here in this Connectwise guide) is not enough.

As Eric, the founder of Support Adventure explains in his video, even the best stack won’t be effective if it’s not used properly.

You need to be in sync with emerging technologies to attract new clients and become the most desirable MSP around. Follow the trends in emerging technologies for MSPs and find out what works best for you.

The next step would be to implement technological innovation to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Exceptional Customer Service and Experience

Ever been to a restaurant where the food was great, but the service was unforgettable? That’s the kind of customer service your MSP should aim for. It’s not just about solving problems; it’s about how you make your clients feel throughout the process. 

There is nothing that fills clients with a sense of satisfaction and trust more than great customer service! 

Make sure your staff is happy and are constantly improving their performance. At Support Adventure MSP Staffing, we make sure to have the best IT techs, dispatchers, and admins who are trained to work remotely, and are culturally compatible – tech wizards with incredible people skills who make our clients improve their customer service experience!

Building a customer-centric culture

msp branding

A customer-centric approach, tailored services, and a genuine interest in feedback can transform your MSP support services from good to exceptional.

Tailoring services to meet customer needs

With great service, you can almost predict what issues your clients will have and the best way to go about solving them. 

Utilizing feedback for continuous improvement

To get to know your clients better, ask for feedback – no matter how uncomfortable that might be! 

Branding and Marketing Strategies

Your brand is your story. It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room. 

Utilize social proof and testimonials to let your happy customers do some of the talking.

Strategic Partnerships and Network Building

No MSP is an island. Forming strategic partnerships with complementary businesses is like building bridges in a community. These connections can lead to referrals, shared resources, and a stronger presence in the market. 

Fill in the gaps, contribute, expand, network, and have fun by:

  • Forming partnerships with complementary businesses
  • Leveraging relationships for referrals and growth
  • Networking in industry events and conferences

Networking, whether it’s at industry events or online webinars, opens doors to opportunities that might otherwise remain closed.

Pricing Strategies for Competitive Advantage

Pricing isn’t just about numbers; it’s about value. By understanding and implementing value-based pricing, your MSP staffing company can highlight the unique benefits it offers, making the cost a secondary consideration for clients. Make the pricing model unambiguously clear, with no hidden costs so you can maintain trust and good cooperation.

Learn more about:

  • Understanding value-based pricing vs. cost-plus pricing
  • Creating flexible pricing models
  • Becoming a premium MSP

Compliance, Security, and Trust

In the digital age of today, trust is the main currency. This is the priority for companies looking for MSP support. Prioritizing data security, compliance with industry standards, and transparency in your operations can make your MSP services a vault that clients are willing to entrust with their most valuable assets. 

msp compliance

  1. Prioritizing data security and compliance
  2. Building trust through transparency and reliability
  3. Certifications and accreditations as differentiators

Certifications and accreditations serve as the vault’s security features, further differentiating your MSP in the market.

Standing out in a crowded MSP support services market isn’t just about being different; it’s about being authentically and unmistakably you. By focusing on your unique value proposition, embracing specialization, advancing technology, offering exceptional customer service, and building a strong brand, you can elevate your MSP staffing from one among many to the go-to choice for clients. Continuous innovation and adaptation are your tickets to not just surviving but thriving in this competitive landscape. Remember, in a market full of choices, being the preferred choice is the ultimate goal.

Reach out to us for the best remote MSP staff!

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