The world has become a playground for tech-oriented digital nomads like yourself – aren’t you looking forward to staying in places that not only spark your creativity but also offer the comfort of a developed country without the hefty price tag? 

If you’ve realized the importance of a supportive community, a fast internet connection, and an affordable cost of living, this article will inspire you with the right destinations that fit both your needs AND desires!

Work remotely and wander as a budget-conscious techie!

Perks of the New Remote Working Era – What’s Changed?

The tech industry has always been at the forefront of remote work, but we’ve seen the scale tip in favor of the IT workers drastically with more work being able to be done remotely!

With this new flexibility, there are opportunities to explore new cultures without sacrificing career progression. How will you make use of this newfound freedom?

We’ve written a number of articles that can help you get a remote job, and when you’re ready, you can take a look at them and apply to work with us!

Enjoying the Ideal Nomad Lifestyle As a Tech-Savvy Digital Nomad – Where to Next?

The ideal nomadic lifestyle for tech professionals is one that supports both their work and wanderlust. It’s a lifestyle that affords the freedom to explore, the infrastructure to work efficiently, and the community to grow personally and professionally.

Enter the ‘slowmad’ movement, where travel is not a sprint to the next destination but a marathon of meaningful experiences.
Whether you are looking to become a slowmad or an expat, having a realistic perspective is crucial. You wouldn’t want either your work or your well-being to suffer!

Finding Stability as an Expat Remote Worker Without Breaking the Bank – How to Do It?

Let’s face it – the remote working experience is not all roses and butterflies; it comes with unique obstacles requiring impressive acrobatic skills and emotional endurance to get over.

Getting the right visa, and work permits, paying taxes, having a stable and fast internet connection, and feeling connected to the community, all while avoiding financial anxiety… All of these important points need to be handled with care and dedication if you want to have a pleasant, long-term stay in a foreign place you want to call your new home.

Be mindful of that when relocating to a new place and to help you do that, here are some great finds for your next destination!

Your Next Remote Office – Countries That Tick All the Boxes

Combining the requirements of your work-life with leisure and the need for connection in a foreign place is a special art form. For the nomad whose office is as mobile as they are, certain countries stand out.

These countries that tick all boxes have:

  • Fast and stable internet connection
  • A welcoming and vibrant community
  • Great affordability and cost/value ratio

Excited to start looking into these gems? So are we! Without further adieu, we present the first country on our list: Vietnam!

Vietnam: The Rising Star

  • Tech Infrastructure: With one of the fastest internet speeds in Asia and a growing tech scene, Vietnam is becoming a hotspot for developers and IT techs.
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living is low, making it possible to enjoy a high quality of life on a modest budget.
  • Lifestyle: You can choose the urban landscape you feel the happiest with in Vietnam. From calmer, charming, and yet high-energy Hanoi in the North, to the mega-city of Ho Chi Minh in the South and seaside Da Nang in the middle! All offer great nightlife, workspaces, and proximity to stunning nature!
Vietnam affordable with fast internet. An illustration on all the natural, cultural and urban wonders of Vietnam in one.

Thriving as an expat doesn’t mean you need to live frugally. It’s about being smart with your resources. Shared housing can significantly cut costs, local markets can be a goldmine for fresh, affordable food, and embracing local transport can save you a bundle in Vietnam!

Co-working spaces are not just places to work; they’re hubs to network, learn, and integrate into the local tech and art scene.

Cost of Living: Vietnam

According to, the estimated monthly expenses for a family of four living in Vietnam amount to approximately $1,677.00 (40,881,745.4 VND), excluding rent. 

For one person, the estimated monthly costs without rent are about $474.80 (11,574,123.4 VND).

On average, the cost of living in Vietnam is 56.7% lower than in the United States. Furthermore, renting a property in Vietnam typically costs 78.5% less than renting in the United States.

Rent per monthCost Range
Apartment (1bdr) City Center$359.70$246.12 – $615.30  
Apartment (1bdr) Outside Center$229.77$164.08 – $410.20
Apartment (3bdr) City Center$826.73$492.24 – $1,620.29 
Apartment (3bdr) Outside Center$502.45 $307.65 – $1,025.50  
Buying Apartment CostCostRange
Price per Square Meter in City Center$2,830.37$1,640.80 – $5,856.94
Price per Square Meter Outside Center$1,503.09$902.44 – $2,461.20

Thailand: The Silicon Valley of Asia

  • Community: There’s a thriving digital nomad community in cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Lanta, Koh Phangan, and many more, with plenty of co-working spaces and tech meetups.
  • Lifestyle: Thailand offers a tropical paradise with a rich cultural tapestry and a renowned culinary scene, ideal for those looking to work and enjoy life to the fullest.

Immerse in the permanent holiday feeling that Thailand brings and connect with global innovators all while living your best life on a budget!

Cost of Living: Thailand

The estimated monthly expenses for a family of four living in Thailand are approximately $2,011.60 (71,410.2 THB), not including rent. For a single person, the monthly costs are estimated to be around $565.00 (20,058.4 THB) without rent.

Thailand., great for remote work on a budget. All the wanders of the beaches, temples, night life and food culture in Thailand in one.

On average, the cost of living in Thailand is 14.9% higher than in Vietnam. Additionally, rent prices in Thailand are on average 22.3% higher compared to Vietnam, so the difference is not that substantial.

Rent per monthCost Range
Apartment (1bdr) City Center$404.40$197.18 – $845.07
Apartment (1bdr) Outside Center$244.34$112.68 – $457.75
Apartment (3bdr) City Center$1,074.54$500.00 – $2,112.68
Apartment (3bdr) Outside Center$623.91$281.69 – $1,422.54
Buying Apartment CostCostRange
Price per Square Meter in City Center$3,830.67$1,492.96 – $7,887.32
Price per Square Meter Outside Center$1,971.81$902.44 – $2,461.20

Colombia: The Cultural Mosaic

  • Tech Infrastructure: Colombia is catching up fast in the tech world, with cities like Medellin leading the charge as innovation hubs.
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living in Colombia is very reasonable, with the potential for a high quality of life without the high expenses.
  • Community: The local tech scene is vibrant, with a growing number of tech parks, startups, and collaborative spaces.
  • Lifestyle: Colombia’s diverse climate and geography offer a variety of lifestyles, from urban living in Bogotá to the laid-back coastal vibe in Cartagena.
Colombia, great for remote workers. An illustration of Colombian landscapes.

Learn how you can work remotely in Colombia. This adventurous country awaits you!

Cost of Living: Colombia

The estimated monthly costs for a family of four living in Colombia are approximately $1,686.00 (6,427,561.6 COP) without rent. For a single person, the estimated monthly costs without rent are about $487.00 (1,859,996.8 COP). 

According to our source,  the cost of living in Colombia is even cheaper than in Thailand and Vietnam by around 15% to 30%!

Rent per monthCost Range
Apartment (1bdr) City Center$314.12$174.89 – $600.007
Apartment (1bdr) Outside Center$253.52$131.17 – $449.71
Apartment (3bdr) City Center$1,074.54$500.00 – $2,112.68
Apartment (3bdr) Outside Center$558.69$299.81 – $1,124.28
Buying Apartment CostCostRange
Price per Square Meter in City Center$1,416.45$1,492.96 – $7,887.32
Price per Square Meter Outside Center$1,971.81$749.52 – $1,748.89

Argentina: The South American Innovation Hub

  • Tech Infrastructure: Argentina, particularly Buenos Aires, is recognized for its solid tech infrastructure and is often seen as the Silicon Valley of South America. The city is dotted with co-working spaces and is home to a number of tech startups.
  • Cost of Living: Despite its economic fluctuations, Argentina offers a very reasonable cost of living, especially when compared to North American and European standards.
  • Community: There is a strong and welcoming community of tech professionals and digital nomads, with regular meetups and tech events that foster a sense of collaboration and innovation.
  • Lifestyle: From the cosmopolitan streets of Buenos Aires to the stunning natural landscapes of Patagonia, Argentina offers a diverse and culturally rich environment for nomads to explore.
Argentina, affordable and exciting. An illustration of all the natural and cultural wonders of Argentina for remote workers on a budget.

Adding Argentina to the mix, digital nomads are spoiled for choice with destinations that offer a fusion of culture, innovation, and affordability.

Cost of Living: Argentina

The estimated monthly costs for a family of four living in Argentina are approximately $1,581.00 (ARS 553,313.00) without rent. For a single person, the estimated monthly costs without rent are about $443.9 (ARS 155,354.61). On average, the cost of living in Argentina is the cheapest among the countries listed so far!

Rent per monthCost Range
Apartment (1bdr) City Center$265.66$150.00 – $566
Apartment (1bdr) Outside Center$196.71$105.00 – $450.00
Apartment (3bdr) City Center$506.91$250.00 – $1,100.00
Apartment (3bdr) Outside Center$369.88$190.00 – $800.00
Buying Apartment CostCostRange
Price per Square Meter in City Center$2,061.64$1,200.00 – $3,053.00
Price per Square Meter Outside Center$1,560.76$950.00 – $2,250.00

Romania: The Eastern European Tech Haven

Romania, a beautiful illustration of natural and cultural wonders in Romania.

  • Tech Infrastructure: Romania surprises many with its high-speed internet, often ranked among the fastest in Europe. The capital, Bucharest, along with Cluj-Napoca, are recognized as the country’s tech hubs, with a thriving IT industry and numerous tech startups. You can easily find remote work and remote tech jobs in Romania!
  • Cost of Living: Romania is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. Housing, food, and transportation costs are significantly lower than in Western European countries, stretching the purchasing power of digital nomads.
  • Community: There’s an emerging community of digital nomads and expats, supported by a young, tech-savvy population. English is widely spoken within the tech community, making it easier for international professionals to network and collaborate.
  • Lifestyle: Romania offers a blend of medieval charm with modern living. From the vibrant nightlife of Bucharest to the tranquil beauty of Transylvania, nomads can enjoy a diverse cultural experience.

Romania’s combination of low living costs, robust tech infrastructure, and rich cultural experiences make it an excellent, budget-friendly choice for IT professionals looking to work remotely.

Cost of Living: Romania

The estimated monthly costs for a family of four living in Romania are approximately $2,012.00 (9,233.0 RON) without rent. For a single person, the estimated monthly costs without rent are about $586.00 (2,681.1 RON). What about rent prices in Romania?

Rent per monthCost Range
Apartment (1bdr) City Center$371.51$236.19 – $640.15
Apartment (1bdr) Outside Center$281.16$171.78 – $429.44
Apartment (3bdr) City Center$620.76$386.50 – $1,073.61
Apartment (3bdr) Outside Center$456.80 $320.08 – $746.84
Buying Apartment CostCostRange
Price per Square Meter in City Center$1,949.22$1,173.61 – $3,220.82
Price per Square Meter Outside Center$1,408.28$960.23 – $2,331.64

Explore More Cheapest Countries with Fast Internet

The countries listed offer a compelling mix for the tech nomad – robust tech infrastructure, a supportive community, and a cost of living that ensures your savings won’t be depleted by rent alone. They are lands of opportunity for those willing to take the plunge into a mobile lifestyle. So why wait? The world is ready for you to code and wander!

An illustration of a woman packing her gadgets as she gets ready to explore more cheap countries with fast internet.

If you want to explore more and plan your trip in detail, we’ve got you! You can use websites like,,, and forums such as Reddit, or Facebook groups.
Here you can compare the cost of living, internet speed, safety, and more!

Read our article on how to navigate different time zones for the best work-life balance.

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