Support Adventure Stories: California to Colombia (Costs, Lifestyle, Walkability)

Here’s Tim sharing his story of moving into the San Francisco Bay Area, working for a cool exciting startup, having it turn into a financial cold corporate crappy environment, burning out and getting tired of the car-dependant lifestyle.He then moved to Medellín, Colombia and enjoys working in a calmer environment in a nice walkable city, an escape from the unaffordable Bay Area that’s facing an affordability crisis. Tim loves the weather in Medellin, and… Continue Reading Support Adventure Stories: California to Colombia (Costs, Lifestyle, Walkability)

How to find and train MSP technicians

People are the core of our business and we have spent years perfecting our process to find and hire the best technicians. We currently have a roster of talented technicians spread across the world in Southeast Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Here is our process to ensure that our clients always get a great hire with Support Adventure:1. Locate Great StaffWe locate and identify potential candidates across many online and physical environments.… Continue Reading How to find and train MSP technicians

Why we like working remotely

Text version below to those who prefer to read:Hey there, folks. My name is Eric from Support Adventure: The Expat Outsourcing Company. We are a community of people who live remotely around the world and work for the English speaking world online. I wanted to make this video about the benefits of working remotely and working from home in general. Most of the people in Support Adventure, at least after they’re fully trained for… Continue Reading Why we like working remotely

Donovan in Rural Pacific Ecuador

We have a very dynamic remote team who live around the world in exciting destinations. We like to showcase some of the lifestyles and locations of our staff. Donovan, our contract manager, is living in a picturesque co-working and co-living space in rural Ecuador, paying only around $400US for his private accommodation including breakfast! Check out our video, or read to find out more about the place, and his lifestyle!Eric Muth:Hey everybody, welcome… Continue Reading Donovan in Rural Pacific Ecuador

Why your MSP is Chaos!

Here at Support Adventure, we have worked with dozens of MSPs across the world, and with a birds eye view of the industry we often see similar issues and weak points. We wanted to address these trends that produce many of the problems that our clients face, and provide tips to improve. Here’s the most common problems we see:1. The people you hire are too smart!The people they hire might be above-average people. So,… Continue Reading Why your MSP is Chaos!