Best Remote Customer Service Jobs in South Africa

Are you looking for a remote job in South Africa? Customer service jobs might come first to your mind, where specialists often work online or remotely as outsourced third-party agents. In fact, many foreign companies hire customer support in South Africa due to the beneficial rates and native English speakers.

The Best Remote Customer Service Jobs in South Africa are:

  • Customer service representative
  • Call center agent
  • Service dispatcher
  • Client relations associate
  • Technical support representative
  • Virtual patient care coordinator
  • Social media customer care associate
  • Administrative assistant
  • Customer success manager

Nowadays many customer support jobs are entry-level, with the possibility to work remotely. Most of them don’t demand any extraordinary qualifications or skills from potential applicants, hence almost everyone can work in customer service. In this article, you will learn about the best customer support positions one can get to work remotely in South Africa. 

Remote Customer Support Jobs

The main skill customer service agents need is communication with customers to troubleshoot issues they’re experiencing with a product or service. Nevertheless, customer support jobs have become more specialized, and with expanded innovation in technology, which means there is a higher likelihood of new entry-level job opportunities.

As a rule, people with soft skills and knowledge of English will be capable of working in customer support. However, some customer service jobs might demand particular skills or experience from candidates.  

Nonetheless, most positions in customer service will give you a great opportunity to work remotely or work flexible hours and days.

  1. Customer Service Representative
Remote Jobs South Africa

A customer service representative is a classical customer support position. It’s a catch-all job title for many different roles in customer service. You will assist customers with their experiences using or interacting with a product.

Customer service reps interact with customers to process orders, provide information about the company’s products and services, and resolve issues. This can include:

  • inbound calls
  • answering emails
  • selling products
  • documenting payments
  • helping people with orders or account information
  • or outbound calling

Nowadays, any company needs at least one person to deal with customer support, so you won’t sit without the job for sure. In fact, many organizations large and small outsource their customer service work to home-based agents. 

Moreover, customer service professionals in South Africa are always in demand. Customer support representative is a common support job that you can get at almost any company in South Africa or abroad. 

  1. Call Center Agent

As a call center agent, you can work at a virtual call center from home in South Africa. Regardless of your location, you’ll answer phone or email inquiries from customers related to the service their company provides. 

The job might also comprise placing orders, responding to and solving customer issues, or making appointments. As a call center agent, you will handle a high volume of calls and requests. Hence, one should have great communication and problem-solving skills as well as endurance and patience.

  1. Service Dispatcher
Remote Customer Support Jobs South Africa

Service dispatcher at the help desk is a perfect technical customer support job that you do remotely from South Africa. Service desk dispatchers are common in tech or tech support companies. 

The main responsibility of the service dispatcher is to coordinate the technicians (tech support reps) within the entire help desk. This includes the assignment and escalation of technical support tickets, updating the ticket’s status, and following up with clients, other staff members, and vendors as necessary.

This job can be perfectly done remotely or from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, a help desk dispatcher doesn’t need to have technical knowledge or experience, it’s a non-technical support job (unlike the technician). The main requirement is to have good communication skills. 

  1. Client Relations Associate

Client relations staff build and maintain relationships with clients of the company. You will make sure that they are satisfied with the services and products. Hence, the main tasks of a client relations associate are to ensure client satisfaction and to work with team members, other company departments, and external vendors to make sure customer needs are met.

A client relations specialist is a mediator for the company and the client they’re working with. One must have expertise and knowledge about the products and services. The main goal of this job is to increase customer satisfaction levels. Client relations associates can work remotely since the communication with customers happens through online sources anyway. 

  1. Technical Support Representative

This is the first and last technical customer support job on our list. If you have some technical skills or product-software-specific knowledge you can help clients with technical issues. 

In the world of technology, we constantly need assistance with tech problems. Thus, people with software, application, or hardware skills will have zero problems finding a remote job in South Africa. So if you currently don’t possess such, consider self-learning some technical skills or taking courses. 

Therefore, a technical support representative assists customers with technical problems by fixing issues regarding software or hardware and follows procedures set by the company to implement solutions. 

You can easily work as a remote employee in this role, and many do so. Workers use phone, mail, and chat to interact with clients and give clear instructions for how to proceed with the issue. 

The most important element of working remotely as a technical support representative is to have a well-functioning computer and a stable internet connection. Technicians are needed in almost all companies that use IT technology. 

As you might understand, technical customer support is more complex and needs particular skills and knowledge. Candidates should have the ability to troubleshoot, solve problems, and deal well with people.

Read more about how to get a remote IT support job in South Africa.

So if you are possessing such, don’t wait and apply! There are so many open vacancies at the help desk, you will always be in demand.

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  1. Virtual Patient Care Coordinator

Patient care coordinators work for doctors’ offices, hospitals, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, and health care agencies. They also work with patient insurance companies to pre-approve them for medical or surgical procedures when necessary. Virtual patient care coordinators can work remotely by utilizing online tools and mobile networks. 

Your main tasks include scheduling appointments, getting pre-approvals from insurance companies, and arranging services and procedures in medical organizations. To get this job, you’ll need to be familiar with medical terminology or have prior experience in a healthcare setting. You also need strong communication skills. 

In a remote or online role, you may offer your services over a video chat or on the phone, but you may have to occasionally travel to meet with clients. 

  1. Social Media Customer Care Associate

A social media customer care associate is a customer service representative performing tasks on social media. Hence, this job is perfect for someone willing to work remotely.

Social media customer care associates respond to the customers by using social media, such as Facebook, or Instagram. The role of a social media customer care associate involves monitoring the company’s social media accounts, responding to inquiries, resolving issues, and escalating problems to a manager when necessary.

  1. Administrative Assistant
Remote Customer Service Jobs South Africa

An administrative assistant is yet another customer support job that can be done remotely in South Africa. They perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks in the company. 

But the job also includes providing some support to the managers & employees, assisting in daily office needs. Hence, an administrative assistant must be reachable at any time of the working day even when working remotely. This job can be comparable to a virtual assistant role. 

Your main tasks consist of: 

  • scheduling meetings and travel arrangements
  • making calls
  • preparing presentations and reports
  • gathering invoices
  • sending off emails and categorizing emails by priority
  • keeping the database updated for accounting purposes

Candidates for an administrative assistant role should have excellent oral and written communication skills and be able to organize their work using online tools. It will be beneficial if you have previous experience as a secretary, personal or virtual assistant. 

What skills and qualifications do you need for a remote customer service job?

A suitable candidate for a career in customer service should have strong listening, communication, and phone skills. Candidates must be good at: 

  • problem-solving
  • documenting information
  • resolving conflict
  • analyzing information
  • building relationships
  • multi-tasking

Despite the long list, all these skills are soft, so you don’t need any degree or qualifications to work remotely in customer support. Of course for the remote job, you must have a familiarity with computers. 

Additionally, many companies will provide on-the-job training. In many cases, you will have opportunities for job growth and advancement that also don’t require additional education and training.

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Work Remotely in South Africa

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Currently, we have open positions for remote IT Support Technicians and Remote IT Dispatchers.

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Job information: 

  • 8 hour shifts in different time zones (European, Asian, and American time shifts available)
  • The front line support for clients with computer problems with remote control of their computers

The specific activities largely depend on our clients, and during the onboarding process, we will equip you with everything you need to get started. They might include:

  • Install, troubleshoot and manage Microsoft products (Windows 7/10, and MS Office application suite)
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues with Office 365 and cloud solutions
  • Troubleshoot email related issues
  • Deploy images through imaging tools
  • Understand the client/server applications architecture
  • Coordinate and implement network software and hardware upgrades
  • Troubleshoot and configure routers, switches, and firewalls
  • Troubleshoot and resolve LAN/WAN performance, connectivity, and related network problems
  • Administer LAN/WAN security, antivirus, and spam control measures
  • Conduct daily network backup operations
  • Other duties may be added as defined.

Apply for an IT dispatcher position with Support Adventure

Job information: 

  • 8-9 hour shifts depending on the client, during American daytime hours (the most ideal candidates would be located in Latin America)
  • Receiving incoming calls, emails, and tickets, and allocating them to team members of the organization
  • Good communication skills in English are necessary for this position

We hope this article gives you confidence that you can get a remote job in customer service in South Africa. Don’t wait and apply for our open remote IT support positions, so we can assist you on that matter! Make a dream of working remotely come true! 


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