Although RPO and MSP are two terms that often get confused between each other, MSPs can utilize RPOs to find staff members for their businesses. 

What is RPO? In short, RPO aims to improve the efficiency of the company by accomplishing its hiring activities. In fact, using such a provider for your hiring processes has many great advantages.  

MSPs can use RPO to outsource their hiring process including searching for suitable candidates, vetting, interviewing, training, onboarding, recruitment management, and more. RPOs provide customized long-term hiring solutions based on the company’s needs and resources. 

Are you an MSP owner looking to hire staff members? Delegating a resourcing process to the third-party company is an effective way to reduce costs and scale your business. In this article, we explain how an MSP can use an RPO provider for the hiring processes.

What Is RPO?

As an MSP owner, it’s possible you haven’t heard about RPO or weren’t considering using it. However, the value an RPO can provide to your business shouldn’t be underestimated.

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing, it deals with recruiting and hiring processes for another firm. This can be done, for example, through an end-to-end solution, where the RPO provider manages the entire hiring process (from writing job descriptions to onboarding).

Moreover, RPOs will handle contracts with employees, so you don’t have to worry about paperwork. 

Such providers are highly customizable, as RPOs will learn about your company and will adapt offerings to your current setup and needs. MSPs can also use the services of RPO only in peak hiring seasons or with a rise in demand. 

As a result, RPO can become your long-term partner in hiring. In times when you grow or sustain your business, they will take care of the staff. RPO especially focus on employees that will grow and advance within the company as permanent staff members instead of a temporary workforce. 

In addition to this, MSPs can benefit from having a regulated and well-governed recruitment process while working with RPOs. This can increase overall productivity of the business. 

Differences Between PRO and Traditional Hiring

RPO and traditional hiring methods are quite distinctive from each other. For instance, a traditional recruitment agency helps businesses to fulfill short-term hiring goals, whereas RPO focuses on hiring long-term employees.

Main distinctions between RPO and traditional hiring consist of:

  • Scope of search and availability of candidates
  • Service offerings
  • Pricing structure

One of the biggest differences between an RPO and a traditional recruitment agency is in pricing. A hiring agency typically charges between 25% to 30% of the candidates’ salary.

RPO has also a number of advantages over traditional hiring, such as: 

  • High adaptability to the needs of the employers
  • Access to the talent databases
  • Vetting and selection of the most suitable for the company candidates based on the preferences and needs of employers

Tradicional Recruiting

The main goal of traditional recruiting is to connect employers with the employees. Such companies operate under the brand name of the employer. 

Their main activities include mainly advertisement of job posts on online job boards or focusing on employee referral plans for acquiring candidates. Once the recruiting agency identifies a good candidate, and they get hired by the company, the agency receives its fee. This operational strategy makes recruiters more motivated to hire efficiently and quickly, so they can get paid. 

However, this can become an issue, after all, candidates might not be a perfect fit for your company and leave the job. Therefore, you would want quality employees who maintain a long-lasting relationship with the company.


RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a method of outsourcing a business process to external providers, specifically the recruiting process.  

The management of a firm delegates their hiring processes to an external recruitment company (RPO). These businesses are often called RPO partners.

Most of the time, RPO partners offer their recruitment services as a full package from beginning to end. In contrast to the recruitment agency, RPOs takes full responsibility for the entire hiring process. 

Their services start with conceptualizing and designing to management and execution of the recruitment processes. Moreover, they are accountable and responsible for the hiring results. 

Usually, the RPO partner will provide a dedicated recruitment team to the company, which focuses on:

  • Finding candidates suitable to the company’s culture
  • Reducing labor costs
  • Enhancing employee retention

Therefore, a company utilizing RPO might not have to have a human resource department or worry about other details regarding hiring. An RPO will take care of all processes from the start until the end. 

Benefits of RPO

The main benefits of using RPO for hiring are: 

  1. Having access to the list of available candidates, potentially worldwide
  2. The streamlined and fast hiring process
  3. Cost savings in labor and human resource departments 
  4. High quality, carefully selected, and tested candidates 
  5. Possibility to find employees in accordance to your preferences and resources
  6. Improved return on investments
  7. Higher flexibility and scalability of the hiring process

How To Choose an RPO Company 

As with any other outsourcing activities, business owners need to select an RPO provider very carefully. You should firstly talk to the management of potential RPO, interview a team, prove their industry knowledge, as well as to share their hiring needs and preferences.

What do you need to pay attention to when selecting an RPO partner?

  • Experience – How many years have they been in the business?
  • Read testimonials – Testimonials and client’s reviews are always a good indicator of whether you should trust a provider or not
  • Size of the company – Pay attention to how many employees they have. The bigger the business the less problematic cooperation will be 
  • Operations – An outsourcing company must know if RPO hires, trains, and manages its own employees and if it happens without additional external resources 
  • Candidate database – which kind of candidates does RPO have? Are they English native speakers with work experience? Where are they located? These are questions you might have when outsourcing your hiring process. 

An employer should list all organization’s needs in regard to the candidate and rank them according to priority. Moreover, an RPO needs to align with the hiring values of the organization. 

In the end, a good RPO firm must be able to customize recruitment solutions in accordance to the needs of the hiring company. 

Delegate Your MSP Hiring Processes

Like all other companies, MSPs are in the need of talented, cost-effective, long-term staff members. Hence, they can greatly benefit from RPO services by delegating their hiring processes to professionals that focus on it. 

Here at Support Adventure this is exactly what we do, finding the best candidates to work at for MSPs. Our staffing solutions are customized in accordance with your recruitment needs and preferences. In addition to hiring, we interview, vet, and train candidates, perform background checks, and so much more. 

Support Adventure helps you to: 

  • reduce cost per hire
  • save time on hiring and scale the business at the same time
  • find a suitable for the company’s culture candidate
  • find talented candidates who are willing to grow together with your MSP 

How do we do it? 

  • we adapt to your needs and resources
  • we have the most talented staff in the industry
  • we manage employees
  • we perform training and onboarding of new staff members

Support Adventure does all recruiting activities itself and with great responsibility, instead of delegating it to some third-party staffing providers. 

We hope this information was helpful for your hiring process. Our company, Support Adventure, is here to support you and your MSP business. In a nutshell, we provide highly talented and cost-effective staff for MSPs. If you are looking for the best remote MSP staff, check out our remote MSP staff page and start hiring today!


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