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Support Adventure, a global remote MSP staffing solution, was founded in 2016 and has grown to over 200 staff members since. Working in diverse regions of the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America, our staff provide help desk services to our clients in the UK, Canada, and the USA.

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Support Adventure has 10 pillars of core values that are: Authenticity, Internationalism, Great Value, Accountability, Clear Communication, Community, Teachability, Evolving Structures, Profit-Fuelling Progression, Stability and Reliability.


Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Eric had a knack for computers growing up and started his own IT Consultancy at the age of 16, starting with his school, family and friends, he built a business servicing offices and homes in his neighbourhood of Rosedale/Moore Park.

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In his voyages to Europe to explore his roots, Eric discovered a zest for life in various countries of Central and Eastern Europe, he moved to London, UK as a jumping off point and transitioned to providing remote only IT Services in 2013, this was the birth of Support Adventure.

client testimonials

california, USA

A California-based MSP which has hired 9 technicians across 3 continents through Support Adventure for 24/7 Support and Daytime Helpdesk.

Oregon, USA

A Oregon-based MSP which has hired 6 technicians across 4 continents through Support Adventure for Dedicated Follow-the-Sun Staffing

london, uk

A London-based MSP staffed with 2 Support Adventure technicians in Europe & Asia for their UK Daytime and also using the 24/7 shared Helpdesk.

Staff testimonials


An American living in Belgrade who loves working for Support Adventure! Nwando was one of our first hires!


John met a girl in Colombia travelling and decided to move there. He started as a service desk coordinator in 2019. 

staff video

This video features various employees from Support Adventure.


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