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Support Adventure is an MSP staffing agency dedicated to sourcing and staffing the most qualified MSP help desk professionals worldwide.

Through our proven selection process, the Training and Testing Program, we select only the best candidates to present to our clients.

We staff technical and administrative roles for MSP clients in English-speaking countries worldwide, drawing from our pool of pre-screened candidates available in all time zones, while managing all of the HR, accounting and contract related tasks for our clients.

Why hire through Support Adventure?

Support Adventure Team - The premium MSP staffing company

Support Adventure is the ultimate MSP staffing company for expats who love to travel and work remotely. Since 2016 we’ve been helping MSPs effortlessly build solid teams with English-speaking staff who enjoy living in low-cost places around the world. With over 200 staff in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, we have the global reach and expertise to meet your MSP’s needs.

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Find your perfect remote team:

Helpdesk Technicians

Pre-vetted, qualified, and tested remote MSP helpdesk technicians of all levels, ready to be onboarded to your helpdesk within weeks.

All Support Adventure technicians have passed our 5-step Training and Testing Program, designed to assess their skills and abilities in real-life scenarios.

More info about our technician selection process

System Administrators

Pre-vetted, highly qualified individuals, proficient in a broad range of MSP related systems, with demonstrable experience of planning, deploying and administering large scale configurations.

We have a special process for the most highly qualified and experienced IT staff that have experience and qualifications broader than the requirements of most helpdesk situations.

Service Coordinators

Pre-vetted, highly motivated individuals with demonstrable coordination and dispatching skill to organize your helpdesk and manage your clients needs to ensure great service delivery.

All candidates are screened for general business knowledge and selected for their excellent communication, organizational and customer service skills.

What you get when staffing with Support Adventure:

Premium IT Support Talent

We select only the best candidates, chosen for their qualifications, communication skills, and customer service experience

Long Term Engagements

We only fill dedicated, long term positions, allowing our staff to fully learn and understand your systems and grow with your company

Minimum Administration

Our process is designed for minimal administrative efforts from our clients, with our team taking care of all HR, timekeeping and administration tasks

Ongoing contract management

Our contract managers are there to find your next superstar as well as help through the length of the contract, utilizing their skillset a to manage the relationship and deal with incentives, problem resolution, time-off management and more

Amazing cost-effectiveness

By matching remote staff living in low-cost locations with companies operating in economically better developed areas, our model allows us to provide competitive rates to our clients, while paying above market rates to our staff for their work

No-hassle onboarding

After dealing with the initial bureaucracy, our process is designed to allow you to onboard new staff with ease and efficiency. We work with your team to ensure you’re ready to get started and onboard smoothly.

Trial to ensure the right fit

All our contracts come with a no-commitment 30-day trial period, during which you're able to withdraw at any moment without notice. This allows you enough time to make absolutely sure that your selected candidate is a perfect fit and set yourself up for a quality long-term relationship.

Our process:


Becoming a client

  • Click the button below and complete our Become A Client form
  • We can book a 15-minute introductory call to discuss your needs
  • Cultural compatibility review with our Service Delivery Manager to ensure your processes are ready to accommodate our fully remote staff
  • If we decide to move forward, a contract manager will be assigned to you to help manage your transition to our remote staffing model


Selecting your staff

  • Your contract manager will provide you with a selection of pre-vetted, qualified staff that align most with your company culture and requirements
  • All candidates will have passed our Training and Testing Program to demonstrate competence.
  • You pick the people you like best by reviewing their profiles and video interviews
  • We arrange the required interviews for you to meet your selected candidates and make your decision


Effortless onboarding and ongoing support

  • Our process is designed to onboard new staff with minimal administrative effort from your end
  • We manage all background checks, contractual, billing adjustments and HR-related tasks while providing you with a single monthly invoice for the service
  • We start with a 30-day trial period for a risk-free experience
  • We handle the details, while you focus on the big picture.
  • Ongoing support for any performance, HR or other issues

Detailed candidate profiles

Upon becoming our client, we'll provide you with detailed candidate profiles including videos showcasing their communication skills and technical competencies, as well as ticket notes from project and VM tests they have successfully completed with us.

Through Support Adventure, you have the advantage of viewing a vast pool of qualified, ready-to-hire candidates, giving you the opportunity to identify and select individuals that best align with your requirements prior to scheduling interviews.

Candidate presentations are available upon request.

Our contract managers:

Donovan Bjorkman - Contract Manager at Support Adventure, the MSP staffing agency

Donovan Bjorkman

United States of America

ERIC muth


Nick Ward - Contract Manager at Support Adventure, the MSP staffing agency

Nick Ward

United Kingdom

Justin Coetzee - Contract Manager at Support Adventure, the MSP staffing agency

Justin Coetzee

South Africa

Alex Jordaan - Contract Manager at Support Adventure, the MSP staffing agency

Alex jordaan

South Africa

Our client testimonials:

california, USA

A California-based MSP which has hired 5 technicians across 3 continents through Support Adventure for 24/7 Support and Daytime Helpdesk.

Oregon, USA

An Oregon-based MSP which has hired 4 technicians across 4 continents through Support Adventure for Dedicated Follow-the-Sun Staffing

london, uk

A London-based MSP staffed with 4 Support Adventure technicians in Europe & Asia for their UK Daytime and also using the 24/7 shared Helpdesk.

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Eric Muth - Founder of Support Adventure, the MSP staffing agency


Senior Level IT Support Technician

Introduction Video
Technical Questions
Situational Awareness Videos
VM Test Ticket Notes

Time zone availability:

Pacific, Eastern, UK, Central European

Notice Period:

Available immediately


Available to clients only

Experience summary:

3 years as a Senior IT support technician for a UK-based MSP

Deployed 400 device NT 4.0 network at University before Active Directory

Some management experience

Zoran - Support Adventure, the MSP staffing agency


System Administrator
North Macedonia

Introduction Video
Technical Questions
Senior interview Recordings
VM Test Ticket Notes

Time zone availability:

Pacific, Eastern, UK, Central European

Notice Period:

Available immediately


Available to clients only

Experience summary:

3 years as a system administrator for a major U.S.-based MSP

5 years as a Senior IT support technician for a UK-based MSP

2 years as a senior customer support agent at a local ISP

Donovan Bjorkman - Contract Manager at Support Adventure, the MSP staffing agency


Service Coordinator
United States of America

Introduction Video
Technical Questions
Situational Awareness Videos
Service Delivery Assessment Ticket Notes

Time zone availability:

Pacific, Eastern, UK, Central European

Notice Period:

Available immediately


Available to clients only

Experience summary:

3 years as a service coordinator for a major U.S.-based MSP

Successfully managed a hostel as an expat, with a focus on exceptional customer service, community-building, and utilization of technology.