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Support Adventure for MSPs

Support Adventure is an MSP staffing agency offering MSPs a world-class, full-service remote staffing solution for your help desk. By providing skilled support technicians, service coordinators, and other back-end technical staff, while handling all of the recruiting, HR, and accounting tasks, we enable MSPs to quickly and efficiently scale their help desk’s workforce during times of growth. Our proven approach, built from our experience managing and working in MSPs, allows us to find the best candidates to staff your MSPs technical support team. By matching candidates living in comparatively low cost of living areas with clients from English-speaking countries, we provide a service that financially benefits everyone involved.

MSP Staffing Service

Go beyond your local talent pool and save money without sacrificing quality. There are talented technicians all over the world. Let us help you build a great international team while saving half on your staff!

MSP Staffing Best Practices

We've helped over 50 MSPs improve their processes and staffing, helping them become more efficient. With our birds-eye view of the industry, we've identified the best practices that can elevate your MSP to new levels of success.

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Why staff your MSP with Support Adventure?

We succeed by carefully selecting our clients to provide the best working arrangements for our staff. If we move forward, we’ll happily offer consultation on your processes to help you achieve the best working environment your MSP can create.

If you’re willing to work with our experience to provide a great and well-organized environment for the world’s best IT Support talent to thrive in your company, while building a world-class MSP, serving your clients above and beyond your competition, you might be an ideal client for us.

What you get staffing with Support Adventure:

Premium IT Support Talent

We select only the best candidates, chosen for their qualifications, communication skills, and customer service experience

Long Term Engagements

We only fill dedicated, long term positions, allowing our staff to fully learn and understand your systems and grow with your company

Minimum Administration

Our process is designed for minimal administrative efforts from our clients, with our team taking care of all HR, timekeeping and administration tasks

Ongoing contract management

Our contract managers are there to find your next superstar as well as help through the length of the contract, utilizing their skillset a to manage the relationship and deal with incentives, problem resolution, time-off management and more

Amazing cost-effectiveness

By matching remote staff living in low-cost locations with companies operating in economically better developed areas, our model allows us to provide competitive rates to our clients, while paying above market rates to our staff for their work

No-hassle onboarding

After dealing with the initial bureaucracy, our process is designed to allow you to onboard new staff with ease and efficiency. We work with your team to ensure you’re ready to get started and onboard smoothly.

Trial to ensure the right fit

All our contracts come with a no-commitment 30-day trial period, during which you're able to withdraw at any moment without notice. This allows you enough time to make absolutely sure that your selected candidate is a perfect fit and set yourself up for a quality long-term relationship.

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Support Adventure for Job Seekers

Let Support Adventure help you find the perfect remote IT support job. We have successfully placed over 200 IT Support Technicians, Service Coordinators, and System Administrators to work for our MSP clients in the US, UK, and Australia. We are looking for the best of the best, with solid experience and communication skills. First, you’ll have to complete our Training and Testing program, which requires candidates to complete a series of tests designed to test their technical knowledge and skills and record a video interview of yourself that we’ll present to our clients.

To learn more about the available positions and requirements, please visit our Remote IT Support Jobs page now.

Remote IT Support Jobs

We're always hiring remote technicians, system administrators and service coordinators! Check out our remote jobs page and apply to join the Support Adventure family!

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How to get a remote job with Support Adventure?

To become part of the Support Adventure family, you’ll need to pass a series of tests designed to showcase your ability and skills as an IT support professional.

Once you complete our Training and Testing program, you will be presented to our clients, who regularly invite our candidates to interview and become part of their team.

This process is designed to select the best candidates to present to our clients so it takes a bit of effort and time to complete. Thank you for your patience.

What you get working with Support Adventure:

Working with the best

We carefully select our clients to work only with those who provide the best working environment and business culture for our staff

Long Term Engagements

We only fill stable, long-term positions, allowing our staff to fully learn and understand our clients' systems and grow with their company

Career opportunity

Once you become part of the Support Adventure family, we'll always be there to help you with your career progression in the MSP industry

Ongoing contract management

Our contract managers are there to help our clients find their next superstar but also help our staff through the length of the contract, utilizing their skillset a to manage the relationship and deal with raises, incentives, problem resolution, time-off management and more

Above market rates

By matching remote staff living in low-cost locations with companies operating in strong economies, our model allows us to provide competitive rates to our clients, while paying above market rates to you for your work

Rolling long-term contracts in USD, GBP or EUR

Our contracts have daily fees paid in USD, GBP or EUR, depending on the client's location which get paid directly into your account once a month. Our contracts have no expiration date, a 30-day notice period for both sides and a built-in raise after 6 months with the same client

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