We can be your boots in the cloud!

The roots of Support Adventure are in the tech support industry and we specialize in providing excellence in front line support, with our technicians being the first to work on any support issues which come into the companies we work with.

We offload the burden of front line support and solve as many support issues and requests as possible so your core team can focus on bigger issues in the business such as project work, sales and advanced troubleshooting. We provide a friendly, patient and capable face for your business which inspires confidence from your clients while maintaining a solid chain of communication and accountability with your in-house team members.


“Since we started back in November 2014, I have been consistently impressed with the quality of service that Eric and his team have provided. I have been especially wowed with Eric’s dedication to making sure that the staff who worked for us were well trained. Mario, Niko and Eric have left a lasting impression on me about how 1st line support should be done.” -Damian McMillan, Jaytag Computers, London

If you would like to find out more about our Technical Support contract options or get a quote, please e-mail: sales@supportadventure.com or call +44 203 372 8528