The quality of customer service can make or break a business. We all know what a hassle it is to deal with offshore call centres where we simply cannot communicate properly or get the help that we need to solve our issues. Support Adventure’s aim is to provide customer service of such a high quality that clients cannot even tell that the team they are dealing with is abroad.

Through a carefully planned on-boarding procedure we ensure that the customer service reps we staff understand the values of the business they are representing and the needs of the clientele. We then ensure that all the necessary procedures are documented so that the customer service rep knows how to deal with the most common inquiries and situations and a clear idea of how to escalate situations which cannot be handled at the front line level.

The key to a successful customer service contract is excellent communication between the client company and Support Adventure’s team and every effort must be taken from both sides to ensure that these needs are met. With careful alignment of the values, procedures and relationships between Support Adventure, the client and their customers, world-class customer service can be achieved.

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