In meeting and speaking with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) around the world, many have asked Support Adventure about the possibility of providing a stable and consistent 24/7 service with the same standard of excellence as our Dedicated White Label Technician service.

Our clients and their clients have frequently expressed their dissatisfaction with after-hours help desk offerings of our larger competitors, who often offer little integration with our clients’ existing systems and almost no understanding of the styles and standards of service which make our client MSPs unique and successful.

Apart from these key differences to the style of Support Adventure’s white label outsourcing, the biggest reason why after-hours outsourcing is often a failure is simply because the metaphorical bridge of the knowledge of the clients and their systems has not been built on a solid foundation.

Thus, solid documentation and continuity in the ability for both after-hours and regular staff to navigate and update an MSP’s documentation is they key for success in rendering high quality service to clients in an around the clock way.

This is why at Support Adventure we offer documentation curation and auditing in a package with 24/7 helpdesk services.  To put it simply:

We want to ensure that we have the information needed to service your clients well organized before they ever call.

Each 24/7 helpdesk package comes with a minimum amount of hours per week which is purchased, for example, 20 hours a week.  The portion of this time not used solving issues for clients or performing scheduled after hours work is used for tasks such as:

-Auditing existing documentation, verifying that all credentials, addresses and product info are correct and access is readily attainable for all systems necessary to provide service to the clients.

-Creating reports on what information is missing for company directors and/or creating tickets for missing information to be added to the documentation by the relevant staff member(s).

-Reviewing staff’s ticket notes and time entries to ensure that comprehensive, accurate and understandable records of service and client contact are kept by all members of staff, reporting where absent.

-Going through the previous day’s service tickets, mimicking the methodology used to solve them and producing knowledge-base articles with screenshots so that all technicians can have reference materials on the technical procedures.

-Editing, renaming and re-organizing existing documentation items so that information is organized consistently throughout the documentation systems for increased searchabilty.

This is all in the interest of giving your clients the best support experience possible, whether it’s in the day time with one of your in house technicians or afterhours with one of Support Adventure’s outsourced staff.

If you believe your MSP may be ready to take advantage of such services or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at